Does Technology Make You More Forgetful?

By Patti Allen

Technology makes it easy to avoid remembering things. Photo: don't know about you, but I've found that over dependence on technology tends to make me forgetful. I don't have to remember things because I've entered them into my iPhone or my computer, but the more I rely on my technology to tell me what I've got scheduled for the day, the more at risk I find myself when I accidentally delete appointments or enter them on the wrong day or time.

This is all the more exaggerated before and after a trip when I find myself "juggling and struggling"-juggling my work with extra effort to clear my desk and get away and then struggling with the process of catching up upon my return. (And we call this a vacation?) Take today for example; I feel like I'm loosing my marbles. I was sure that I had some appointments this afternoon and yet there is nothing in my calendar. Now, how is this a soul issue you may wonder?

I believe it speaks to the over-busy, over-scheduled nature of our lives. Perhaps you've lost your marbles now and then as well. We are generally so out of balance, with too much to deal with on any given day or month that recurring scheduling snafu's can become a reminder to slow down, breathe and regroup. In soul terms, words like rest, regenerate, restore and renew come to mind. March is the perfect time for us to pause because many of us in the colder climates are sick and tired of winter but spring is still a longed for dream.

Balance in the small things, translates to overall balance in the bigger issues in our lives, but especially in our souls. To the soul, a small shift, or a single act of kindness, for example, is actually a "big" or important shift. Change can come in very small packages. When we pause to just "be" in any given moment, we can use the pause to check in with our body, mind and spirit and adjust where necessary. From that place of silence and listening, where the time and space available to us seems to expand, we are better able to hear and respond to the call of our soul.

From this place of pause, I learned that there was nothing that I had forgotten; my marbles weren't lost after all, but I did need some time for myself.

By Patti Allen| March 27, 2010
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