Fun at the Farmer’s Market

I love markets—any type of market, really. I love the diversity of the smells, sights, sounds, and yummy treats to eat!

The beauty of a farmer’s market is that it is an opportunity to connect with the individuals who have produced the items you are buying, be it fruits, vegetables, cheeses, clothing, pottery, jewelry, etc. There is nothing better than actually being able to meet the person who is responsible for producing such a lovely product that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit—which is, I might add, a rarity in the abyss of big box stores and aisle upon aisle of pre-packaged everything.

Going to markets, both year-round and seasonal farmer’s markets, is a fun and interesting way to spend a few hours. They are also an excellent location to meet up with friends for a stroll and a great bite to eat.

Search online for farmer's markets in your area—and frequent them whenever you can. Because ultimately, one of the best benefits to local markets is that you are often increasing the prosperity of your own area by keeping your money in local hands. Beautiful!

Jane Large

By Jane Large| August 02, 2008
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Jane Large

Jane Large

Jane is passionate about living naturally! Jane’s life took an unexpected turn five years ago when her own personal health crisis allowed her the time to explore new avenues, including Reiki, meditation, yoga and experimenting with essential oils. Disturbed by the extensive use of chemicals in skin care now and the lack of connection with real ingredients, Jane took on the challenge of learning to create 100% natural skincare from scratch using traditional ingredients and methods. Jane formally created Natural Goddess in 2007, a company dedicated to making 100% natural, chemical-free skin and body care products by hand while producing little waste. Jane traveled to Egypt in the summer of 2007 to learn about the use of oils in ancient Egyptian skincare. She intends to travel to different countries yearly to research traditional skincare practices and created relationships with local producers of raw ingredients. Jane’s future goals are to build a totally green, off-the-grid manufacturing facility for Natural Goddess and a chemical-free spa/retreat.

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