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By Patti Allen

Over the years, I’ve been working with my students and clients as well as my own brain chatter, and I’ve hit upon an ancient yet modern way of cutting through the noise: synchronicities.

A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. It is an outer experience that resonates or coincides with an inner experience but where no causal relationship between the two can be found.Synchronicities were used in the ancient world. In Pausanias’ “Guide to Greece,” we learn that pilgrims would visit the statue of a Hermes, where they would burn incense, fill the lamps with oil, leave a coin on the altar, and then ask the god a question. Then they would leave with their ears covered as they exited out into the marketplace. Once outside, they would uncover their ears and the first words they heard would provide the answer.

We can do this without going to Greece, in our waking lives or in our dreams. Spend some time focusing on the issue for which an answer is needed, ask for guidance, then go outside and notice the first thing that grabs your attention. It just may be your intuition (or spiritual guidance) that makes you open and available to receive a message.

I remember once, while despairing over some issue and the clarity that seemed to elude me, I wrote in my journal, “I just wish I could have a sign.” Then I closed the journal, forgot about it, and went out to start my day. I got in my car, turned the engine on, and the radio came on and with it the song proclaiming, “Sign, sign everywhere a sign …” After I was done laughing, I felt just a little less alone. I remembered that we really are guided and watched over, even when we don’t feel it.

With dreams, write in your journal before going to sleep all the pros and cons, ins and outs of any particular problem. Then when you wake up, write down any dream that you remember. Then see how the dream speaks to the issues.

Watch for signs and wonders in your life, whether asleep or awake. I think you will find that your intuition will kick in and you will have discovered technology for your soul!

By Patti Allen| October 25, 2009
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