Oprah: Thank You For 25 Years

By Andrea Donsky on June 07, 2011


oprah winfreyAfter 25 years of watching Oprah I felt I would honor her with a poem straight from my heart.






Twenty-five years ago you set the stage,

For daytime TV and you became the rage.

As a television anchor in Nashville you started,

As a world mentor, mother and leader you departed.


Some lessons I’ve learned from you over the years,

Include living my passion and conquering my fears.

‘Knowledge is power’ you often said,

‘When you know better, you do better’, often rings in my head.

Being mindful is key to living your life,

Taking responsibility can help us avoid future strife.

In the car we must focus and not text on the phone, 

Over 400,000 have signed your 'No Phone Zone'.

Charity and service are your ultimate creed,

Inspiring millions of us to follow your lead.


Many of your shows will stick out in my mind,

But one that resonated most is one of a kind.

It talked about parents fighting in front of their young,

And the effects that come from a negative tongue.

At the time I was single, but now I’m mom to three,

Watching your show that day continues to guide me.


You set out to make a difference and that you did,

With your thirst for learning since you were a kid.

Your love for reading became a sensation,

Oprah’s Book Club encouraged literacy across the nation.

Education was always your number one rule,

Which ultimately led you to Africa to start a school.


But with changing the world, came some grief,

Need I say more than the single word ‘beef’?

From every low comes an equal or greater high,

Dr. Phil showed his true colors as a loyal ally.

When Dr. Oz came on the scene your audience immediately knew,

The importance of sex and the color of their poo.

Dr. Berman broached a topic that once was taboo,

By having her on your show made even the prude woo.

To Nate home design was never a hastle,

Making the smallest abodes seem like a castle.

Fitness training is the specialty of Bob Green,

His words of wisdom we've seen in O Magazine.


Three times is the number I saw your live show,

Blessed for that opportunity, is something I know.

The first time was memorable as you came out feeling ill,

You had a bad cold, cough and slight chill.

So, during the break I lifted my hand,

And asked if I could recommend a supplement brand.

Gracious you were to allow me to speak,

Of natural remedies I felt were unique.

I said “Grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver and oregano oil taken together,

Are some of my favorite remedies when feeling under the weather.”

“Oregano what?” you asked, “Where can I get that”? You inquired.

“At Whole Foods” I replied, and offered to get some if you so desired.


Goal setting is key -- that’s no fooling around,

Creating our future by writing things down.

A journal keeper I have been since the age of ten,

Like you, dear Oprah, my life’s chronicled with a pen.


One goal I’ve had that you can bestow,

Is to speak ‘my truth’ on your radio show.

What ‘I know for sure’ is I love my vocation,

Educating by laying a solid foundation.

Living a healthy lifestyle and being green,

Is my daily mantra, along with eating clean.


‘Worthy I am’, thank you for making it clear,

Living my best life means not living in fear.

Dreams are the reality of our future, I truly believe,

If we do not ask then we shall never receive.


As I hold the memory of your show in my heart,

I wish you the best of luck on your new start.

The most important lesson you have left behind,

Is that we're all worthy because we are humankind.

The lessons you’ve taught will stay with us forever,

Making a difference in this world is something we'll always treasure.



By Andrea Donsky| June 07, 2011
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Andrea Donsky

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