The Benefits of Vinegar: Cleaning Glass and Soap Scum

Although vinegar has a certain pungent smell, we can’t argue the beneficial cleaning power it harbors. Over the next few weeks, I’ll provide a few cleaning tips we at Clean My Space have used involving vinegar, which I am sure you will find beneficial.

Vinegar works just as well as, if not better than, your run-of-the-mill glass cleaners. What we do for ease of use is place vinegar in a spray bottle (usually available at the dollar store) and treat it as regular glass cleaner. Mist it on and buff it off – it works perfectly. You may even want to use newspaper, which leaves glass streak-free. Don’t forget to recycle the newspaper afterwards!

Vinegar is also amazing in the shower (tub and tiles) for cleaning hardened-on soap scum. Vinegar eats right through stubborn stains just as well as a store-bought soap scum remover. Again, we use a spray bottle for the application, allow it to sit for about 5 minutes, then scrub off with a sponge. A rinse and buff will leave the shower glass and tiles looking utterly perfect! It also leaves stainless steel shiny, so give all fixtures a quick spray and buff with a clean and dry cloth.


By Melissa Maker| February 15, 2008
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About the Author

Melissa Maker

Melissa Maker

Melissa is passionate about making living environments cleaner and greener. She has been featured in newspapers and televisions shows. Melissa has even been featured as an expert in eco-friendly cleaning tips and techniques in interviews and speaking engagements. Melissa is the owner and operator of Clean My Space, which focuses on cleaning condo suites for busy urbanites. Melissa’s clients and staff are encouraged to use green cleaning products and techniques whenever possible and she is always researching new products and techniques to share with readers.

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