This Week on Naturally Savvy - June 20, 2011

By Andrea Donsky on June 20, 2011

root canals breast cancer and your health infrared thermographyWe have a lot of great new articles on Naturally Savvy this week to help you live a more natural, green and organic life.

Root Canals, Breast Cancer, and Your Health - ever wonder how these three elements are connected. Dr. Alex Mostovoy explains the alarming link between them.

Still looking for a way to shed those last ten pounds before the official start of summer? Sarah Walker shares her advice on how to Lighten Up This Summer.

Can you smell the lovely aroma of the grill through the summer air? Lucia Mahoney will inspire you with her Healthy Barbeque Ideas.

By Andrea Donsky| June 20, 2011
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Andrea Donsky

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