5 Surprising Uses for Breast Milk—Yes, Breastmilk!

It’s no secret that “breast is best.” When it comes to breastfeeding, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children are breastfed for at least a year. According to the guidelines, most infants should only feed on the breast for the first six months.

These recommendations aren’t surprising. The benefits of breast milk are plenteous and include its abilities to fight disease, provide unparalleled nutrition, and stay within all budgets — large and small. 

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However, breast milk isn’t just an asset for babies. Here are some surprising and impressive ways that your entire family can benefit from human milk.

Breast milk is a great skin cleansing agent. It is chockfull of antimicrobials, yet gentle enough for any skin type. In addition, lactic acid promotes skin softening. So, next time you need a refresh and don’t have your favorite toner nearby, dip a cotton ball in breast milk and cleanse away!

Because of its richness in vitamin A, amino acids, and proteins, breast milk also doubles as an effective and gentle moisturizer. Apply a liberal amount on chapped skin and lips, or make your own natural lotion using oats and honey. 

Breast milk’s healing properties are almost endless. Because of its microbial properties, it can be used to treat many countless minor ailments. Ingesting the milk can help strengthen a weakened immune system, while applying it to wounds, burns, rashes and cold sores can fight infection and speed up healing.

Mud Facial Bar in Chicago made headlines when it began offering breast milk facials to refresh skin and eliminate wrinkles. However, you can make your own breast milk mask by mixing it with a bit of pure white clay and your favorite essential oil. Short on cucumber slices to complete your facial? Breast milk-soaked cotton balls will do the trick!

Many people who have tried breast milk liken it to melted ice cream — it’s creamy and sweet! So, it’s no surprise that it’s often used to replace coffee creamer. In fact, for an added nutritious kick, any recipe that calls for cow’s milk can be replaced with breast milk from bread, to yogurt, to macaroni and cheese.

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By Nesh Pillay| December 08, 2016
Categories:  Care

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Nesh Pillay

Nesh Pillay

Nesh is a reader, writer, and marketer. Most recently, she became a mother. While she had not previously subscribed to a natural lifestyle, motherhood has sent her on a quest to provide her family with the best, and most holistic lifestyle possible. In her downtime, Nesh breastfeeds. Follow her antics on Twitter @PillayNesh.

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