10 Tips For Clearing Clutter

By Anastasia Papanikolaou

Is your home, office,  piles of books, clothing strewn on chairs, mounds of unopened bills and letters? Surely, you are tired of all the clutter, but you don't know where to begin, right? It's time to get your home and office in order. Here are 10 simple suggestions to help you get started:

1. Keep only what you absolutely need and only what you absolutely LOVE. Everything else is clutter - simply because you don’t need it or because you don't love it. 

2. Make sure everything has a home. This will make finding things easier and everyone in the home will know where things belong. Having a specific place for each item will cut down on hours of senseless searching for essentials like keys, your favorite shoes and the kids’ homework. 

3. Clear your space of clutter all at once by putting things in boxes or bins. Cleaning and sorting through all your stuff is a daunting process. It is much easier to think, live and continue clearing when your environment is free of all clutter immediately. I f it helps to alphabetize the boxes or categorize the bins, go for it. This step will help with the sorting process later. Store boxes in the attic or garage if you can, until you can go through the boxes.   

4. Only clear when you're feeling inspired. Eventually, you will find clearing to be fun and enjoyable. Really? Yes, Really. Clear when you're feeling energized and inspired to unclutter a particular area, not when you're tired or stressed.

5. Set a manageable time limit: Clear for  5 minutes at night, 15 minutes during the day, 1 hour over the weekend, or whatever will work for you. This will help you stay focused and will guarantee success. Don’t over-do it. Remember there is always tomorrow.

6. Pick one area or even one room to work in. Having a focused goal or area will keep you on task. And this way, you will see the fastest results. Maybe it’s clearing your overflowing desk, or clearing one corner of the closet. 

7. Go SLOW and be patient with yourself. This is a process, not a race. When you first start to clear major cluttered areas, you may feel overwhelmed, more tired, resistance, frustration, or even sadness. Simply stop and “Feel”. Feeling your emotions and becoming aware of the mental “chatter” that arises when you are sorting through things is just as important for the clearing and releasing process as is achieving your goal. In fact, put your attention on “feeling what comes up” while you de-clutter. You are clearing more than physical clutter. You are clearing mental and emotional stories, history, experiences, attachments and memories. Be gentle with yourself. 

8. Begin with one item. When you are feeling overwhelmed, clear just one thing. Just ONE thing! Feel this Success. Try it again. It will get easier over time. 

9. Establish a night time routine. The routine applies to the whole family, including the children, where everyone picks up stray items, organizes the common areas or even their own rooms for fifteen minutes every night. Make this a habit every night, just like brushing your teeth is a habit. Watch your home be transformed into a clean, clear and organized living space. As a byproduct, this will create this great habit and skill for your children they can take into their adulthood. 

10. Celebrate every success. Celebrate any success with regards to clearing clutter, large or small. It is one step, but it is one step you are closer to achieving your goal.


Anastasia PapanikolauAnastasia Papanikolau teaches classes on healing and clearing modalities, including 'Clearing Clutter, Clearing You - One Paperclip at a Time.' Her passions include guiding others to experience healing through self-discovery and helping people release negative repeating patterns to find joy and their hearts’ desires.

Photo credit: nilexuk

By Anastasia Papanikolaou| February 07, 2013
Categories:  Care

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Anastasia Papanikolaou

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