5 Ways to Make Your Morning Routine Healthier

Whether you’re a fan of the snooze button or an early riser, there’s no denying that a positive start to the day can have a lasting impact on the next 12 hours. In order to continually set yourself up for success, consider incorporating these things into your morning routine. 

Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Your mother was right – breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. Nutritionists advise that you consume breakfast within two hours of getting out of bed. To keep it healthy, your meal should also contain calories within 20-35% of your daily allowance. 

People who consistently consume a healthy breakfast have shown to lower their risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and have demonstrated increased energy levels. Eating breakfast has also proven to be a positive for brain function. Restoring your glucose levels after a long night's sleep can lead to better concentration and has been linked to better grades  

Skipping breakfast could lead to overeating later in the day – a negative for your waistline. More than 100 studies have shown that eating breakfast can lead to a decrease in weight gain. 

Read more about the importance of breakfast

Incorporating exercise into your morning routine has been proven to be beneficial to both your body and mind. Studies have shown that morning exercise often improves your ability to focus throughout the remainder of the day. Getting your blood flowing through increased movement can help wake you up – eliminating your need for that morning coffee.

Jogging, taking a walk, or working out in the morning can also have added benefits when it comes to your metabolism. Research shows that early morning exercise helps boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories throughout the remainder of your day. 
Numerous studies have suggested that meditation has many positive health benefits including easing stress and anxiety. The methods of meditation slow down your heart rate and improve blood flow, making you feel relaxed. Counteracting your stress first thing in the morning will allow you to think more rationally as the day progresses.

Wake up at the same time 
Consistency in your routine is key for a healthy lifestyle. Waking up at around the same time every morning is part of this. Your body is programmed to synchronize daily processes such as sleep, metabolism, body temperature, and melatonin levels. When you’re constantly resetting the cues for your body, these processes become confused, resulting in fatigue and a slowed metabolism. 

Waking up at the same time everyday will allow you to sleep better each night, allowing to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. 

Hydrate as soon as you wake up
Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is a great habit. Not only does the cheerful scent awaken your senses, a glass with the juice of half a lemon has other benefits. Lemon water can provide enough energy to replace your morning coffee, it promotes good digestion, and it's great for your immune system. It also contributes to weight loss, can detoxify your liver, and leave you with radiant skin.

What are some of your favourite healthy morning habits? 

By Adrianne Hughes| December 18, 2016
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Adrianne Hughes

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