6 Ways to Look After Your Cardiovascular Health

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Protecting your cardiovascular health is critical – everyone knows that. What many don’t realize is that even some very basic lifestyle changes can make an enormous difference in your long-term cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that over half of the cases of heart disease could have been prevented by simple lifestyle adjustments, and adopting some positive habits. Here are five ways that you can start looking after the well-being of your heart. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got!

1. Eat Better

When it comes to a heart-healthy diet, the classics never go out of style. Follow a diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish and other lean meats. Nuts, seeds, and legumes are also excellent additions to a heart-healthy diet. Avoid diminishing the health benefits of these foods by frying them or adding excessive amounts of cheese, butter, or other fatty foods. Try to avoid red meat as much as possible, and keep your meal portions under control. Staying hydrated and maintaining your electrolytes is crucial, so consider replenishing your fluids occasionally with a natural sports drink.

2. Stay Active

Prolonged periods of inactivity, while seemingly harmless at the time, can actually lead to heart problems down the road. Health experts recommend getting up and getting your blood pumping periodically throughout the day. Some fitness enthusiasts even take that concept a step further by using treadmill desks. Consistent, light exercise throughout the day improves your cardiac health, while also helping you to stay motivated and focused while you work.

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3. Learn How to Manage Stress

Did you know that stress is a major cause of many different physical health problems, including heart disease? Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but how you cope with it makes all of the difference. When you feel stressful feelings coming on, remove yourself from the situation if possible, take slow, deep breaths, and allow yourself to release all of that tension. You may find that relaxation techniques such as Tai Chi, yoga, or meditation can help, or you may want to consider taking up a soothing hobby such as playing a musical instrument or painting. Physical activity can help to alleviate stress too, so hop on the treadmill and jog that stress away!

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4. Drop Bad Habits

While smoking cigarettes is most often associated with lung problems, it is also a major cause of heart disease in men and women. In fact, smoking is responsible for approximately 20 percent of deaths related to heart disease. Smoking decreases oxygen to the heart, increases blood pressure and heart rate, increases blood clotting, and damages the cells that line the coronary arteries, as well as other blood vessels in the body. Quitting smoking now will drastically reduce your risk of heart-related health problems, as well as many other health conditions.

5. Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Did you know that drinking small amounts of alcohol can actually be beneficial for your heart? Up to one serving of alcohol a day for women, and two for men, can reduced the risk of heart disease by boosting HDL cholesterol levels. Of course, drinking in excess can have the opposite effect. Drinking too much can increase blood pressure, increase the risk of heart failure, and cause heart rhythm abnormalities, so be sure to keep your consumption within the suggested limit.

6. Track Your Progress

It is vital to keep a tab on your progress to ensure a good heart health which requires lifestyle commitment and may also lead to change in lifestyle in long run. If you notice yourself slipping, roll out improvements. Monitoring how much weight you have lost can be an intense motivational boost, and it likewise helps you to track what works and what doesn't. Spinning bikes have advantageous tracking tools, which can be exceptionally useful.

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Andrew Hoffman is a freelance writer and journalist from Los Angeles, CA, who has written on behalf of a range of clients including the Livestrong Network and Demand Media. In addition to writing about a range of topics, he enjoys spending time at the gym and helping people to reach their health and fitness potential, he enjoys bicycling, playing basketball and nature photography.

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By Guest| May 30, 2017
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