6 Weeks to Better Skin with the NeoCell Collagen Challenge

My wife and I decided to take the NeoCell six-week collagen challenge. We tracked our results while taking two products for six weeks: Glow Matrix Skin Hydrator and Derma Matrix Collagen Powder. We heard great reviews and witnessed stunning results from those who took the products online so we embarked on a mission to see if it worked for us.
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The promise:

Glow Matrix Advanced Skin Hydrator: “Helps improve skin moisture and elasticity, reduced signs of aging in just 15 days.” 
Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex:“Promotes reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration by 21%, supports cell turnover and elasticity.” 

The results:

Week One
— At the end of week one, my wife’s face seemed to appear fuller as if she had a nice facial, but she had worked a solid week and didn’t do any at-home or salon facials. My facial hair was growing faster and I noticed a slight difference in the clarity of my skin.

Week Two — Towards the end of week two, we both noticed an improved elasticity and a glow to our skin, like when we leave hot yoga together.

Week Three — My wife plays piano and guitar, and she was complaining about having to cut her fingernails every other day. She blamed this on the collagen and then noted that most women would love this type of strength and growth.

Week Four — This is the week where I noticed the “frown lines” diminished from my face. My wife’s skin also seemed to be very clear and she noted that she didn’t have any hormonal breakouts this month. 

Week Five — The beginning of week five had the most memorable moment for me during this process. I was purchasing a bottle of wine for a dinner party and for the first time in 10 years, I was carded! The young woman who had asked for my I.D. stated that no matter what, she needs to card anyone who looks 25 and younger. To me this was proof that what I could see in the mirror was actually a noticeable improvement. 

Week Six — My wife regularly gets compliments on her skin, hair, and nails but her hairdresser was shocked at the growth she experienced by week six. She had styled her hair at the beginning of week two and by week six she actually had to trim her hair more than usual because she felt like it was getting too long. 

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Another highlight throughout the challenge was people asking us what was different or telling us how well-rested we looked. For people who work as much as we do, that’s probably the nicest thing anyone could say to us. 

So there, you have it: Challenge accepted, completed, and enjoyed.

Thanks NeoCell!

By Michael Kanter Star| October 18, 2016
Categories:  Care

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Michael Kanter Star

Michael Kanter Star

Michael Kanter Star is a writer, chef, poet, photographer, and a certified yoga instructor with a passion to serve and a tendency to empower those around him. Currently, Michael is collaborating with his partner, Zuri Star. Together, they are creating a lifestyle company called I Am Zuri, which will incorporate all their passions and pursuits. Michael's work can be found many places online in the health and wellness space as well as on this new platform, I Am Zuri, www.iamzuri.com

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