60 days of dedication

By Cupcakes to Carrot Sticks

I feel like I am in a funk lately and I majorly need to get out of it before I completely slip back into my old ways and get all fat again.  Now that would be depressing wouldn't it?  I won't let that happen though and there are a few things I am going to push myself to do in order to regain control and feel good about all of this again.

The first thing I have already started to do is exercise BUT I have slacked off for 3 days in a row and it is time to nip it in the bud before it gets further away from me.  I don't know if it was the 109°/80% humidity weather we have been having or if I am just flat out lazy but it is what is and those 3 days are lost.  Not only did I not exercise on those days but I literally had sugar cravings so bad that I finally decided to just say eff it and eat.  Not good for the diet but it helped me clear my brain and I am now suffering through the cravings.  Okay so it wasn't good for the brain either but today I am back on the treadmill for my hour long walk and the 20 minutes of strength training.

My biggest goal is to do 60 days of clean eating and exercise.  I have already dedicated myself to a diet for 35ish days when I was on HCG so I am going to really push the limits and do the Whole30 Challenge not just for 30 days but for 60 days.  This will hold me accountable for a lot longer than I have ever held myself accountable for anything and I am determined to do it.  Yesterday was so freaking hard because I seriously wanted one last day to eat more sugar.  Just one, okay maybe two donuts and I would be good to start the next day.  Huh?  What kind of crazy logic is that Michaela?  You already had one bad day of eating and now I want another one?  Yeah so not going to happen and I powered through yesterday like a champ.  Of course there were 80 trips to the refrigerator and pantry only to walk out or close the fridge door and tell myself no.  LOL!  I probably looked insane pacing back and forth in the kitchen telling myself no!

To keep me on track I bought a huge calendar and hung it up in the workout room.  I will record my weight and my workouts and then cross off the days as they go by.  I think the visual will really help to keep me focused and realize that I have either pissed away a lot of time not doing anything or I will be excited to see my accomplishments.  I hope it is the latter, actually I know it will be...

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By Cupcakes to Carrot Sticks| July 13, 2011
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