8 Ways to Naturally Clear Negative Energy From Your Space

8 Ways to Naturally Clear Negative Energy From Your Space
8 Ways to Naturally Clear Negative Energy From Your Space

In physics, negative energy is a term that describes the nature of gravity and other fields. In our everyday lives, this phrase has a more spiritual, perhaps less tangible feel yet it is more real at the same time. You might describe negative energy as a crappy or yucky feeling, a sense of imbalance or uneasiness, low vibrations, or just a general feeling that something isn’t right. These feelings can occur in your home or office, outdoor settings, shopping malls, or when you are in the presence of a certain person or persons. That’s because we absorb negative energy from other people, objects, and our environment.

Negative energy limits our movements, interactions, and relationships with others and our world. When you experience negative energy, you want to make it disappear and regain a sense of calm and balance. How can you do that? The answer depends in part on the environment in which this sense of uneasiness occurs. However, the following suggestions can be used in a wide variety of situations to help clear negative energy from your life.

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How to clear negative energy

1. Bring in plants. Positioning plants in your home, office, and other indoor environments can help eliminate air pollutants. Although potted plants have more staying power, you also may want to arrange cut flowers in your space as well. Some plants that are especially known for their ability to help clean the air and keep energy clear are lavender, eucalyptus, snake plant, bamboo palm, spider plant, mums, and Boston ferns.

2. Smudge with white sage or palo santo. Sage is commonly used in North America for clearing negative energy, and its counterpart in South America could be palo santo, which means “holy wood” in Spanish. One difference between sage and palo santo is that while sage is typically burned, palo santo is highly fragrant in its raw state, so it can be used as is or lit. Among shamans in the Amazon, the smoke from lit sticks of palo santo are believed to dispel evil spirits and negative thoughts. When burning white sage, swirl the smudge sticks in a counterclockwise manner and say to yourself or out loud, “I am clearing negative energy from this space and allowing in only positive vibrations” or something similar.

3. Recapture your space. One powerful way to eliminate negative energy is to meet it with positive energy. Reclaim your space and your power by walking around and proclaiming “I fill this space with positive energy” or “I reclaim this space and fill it with light.” Some people use a sweeping motion to usher the negative energy out of the room while saying these phrases.

4. Try meditation. You can remove negative energy by using a positive energy meditation. Feel free to create your own or look for one of many guided meditations available on the Internet designed to clear negativity and banish negative thoughts.

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5. Use a dash of salt. Sprinkle small grain salt around the room you wish to clear, or place bowls of salt in the corners and allow them to stay for several hours to a day. Salt crystals have a natural ability to absorb negative energy.

6. Call upon crystals. Black tourmaline is a boron silicate mineral that also harbors sodium, aluminum, magnesium, lithium, iron, or potassium. It is considered to be a semi-precious stone and to possess an ability to clear negative energy. Place one or more tourmaline crystals in the affected area or carry a crystal with you to protect you against negative vibrations. You can partner the black tourmaline with rose quartz, which replaces negative energy with positive. Other crystals said to help get rid of negative energy include amethyst, black onyx, obsidian, and tigers eye.

7. Utilize sounds. There are several ways you can utilize sound to dispel negative energy. One is to surround yourself with high vibration music, which can boost the positive energy within you as well. Other sounds, such as bells, gongs, chimes, and bronze bowls create positive vibrations that strengthen your spirit and psyche while also breaking up negative energies.

8. Fuss with furniture. Feng shui is a practice that helps restore or establish balance and harmony to a space. You could call in a feng shui expert, but you also can simply rearrange objects and furniture in your space and note how the changes make you feel. Experiment and let go of the negative energy in your life!


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