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By Dr. Gez Agolli

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Knowing the risks of treatments like radiation or chemotherapy is vital to choosing your best defense against cancer, especially when according to a report on the Caring 4 Cancer website, “radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery all may cause problems that don't show up until months or years after treatment ends.” These problems that follow treatment are called “late side effects.” For example, when the neck is part of the radiation field, very low levels of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) may develop later on.

Other late side effects from radiation include heart or lung disease, infertility, and intestinal problems. Some cancer patients experience one or more late side effects, others have none. Long-term side effects happen when the side effects during therapy, such as skin irritation or fatigue, continue well beyond treatments end (though they usually lessen over time).

The Integrative Alternative

When poor diet, pollution, toxins, and lack of exercise or rest weaken us, we become defenseless targets of cancer. Today, statistics predict that almost half of us will contract the deadly disease. Thankfully, there are treatments and therapies that help the body defend and heal itself, in striking contrast to those that weaken it and make the body a target for a reoccurrence. Two survivors of breast cancer with whom I’ve had the privilege to work with, ask that I share their stories of how the Integrative medicine approach carried them through to victory against this statistic.

Survivors’ Stories

Natalie Gregory, 51, of Valparaiso, Florida was diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory cancer in her left breast and a possible cancer in her right one. As far back as 1995, Natalie had discovered a lump that she thought was a cyst and controlled the growth with a healthy diet. Still it would not go away. The growth attached to her bones and prevented her from lifting her left arm. Not wanting to undergo chemo or radiation, she spoke with her health care homeopathic provider who knew of my work with cancer, and suggested that Natalie see me.

My team at Progressive Medical Center treated Natalie with glutathione, IV’s containing vitamins and minerals, including high potency vitamin C, Magnatherm (therapeutic diathermy), manual lymph node massage, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, FAR IR sauna, supplements, assigned a dietary program, and emphasized the importance of rest.

She is now able to say, “My right breast is totally clear of cancer, my left breast has had tremendous healing, and I’m continuing my treatments. I have a tentatively scheduled PET scan for late August and the prognosis is that I will be cancer free by this September.”

Wren Melton, 61, from Grayson, Georgia was dealt the dreaded diagnosis of stage one breast cancer in July of 2007. Her doctor of 25 years prescribed chemotherapy. Seven days after the second dose, Wren was rushed to ER where she spent three days fighting for her life. One more dose of chemo could have been fatal. At that point, looking for alternative ways to fight her cancer, she discovered the Integrative medicine approach at Progressive Medical Center.

Our in-depth testing showed that her thyroid, devoid of iodine, had shut down and her body’s PH was highly acid, a condition in which cancer thrives. Five weeks of treatment were needed to restore her to a balanced alkaline PH level and to rebuild her system for further natural treatment.

Undergoing similar treatment to that of Natalie’s outlined above, but designed specifically for her condition, Wren began to reclaim her body. She also had special meals prepared by a nutritionist at our Center, who then took her shopping for proper foods and gave her instructions on how to prepare them. Food truly was her medicine and she began to heal immediately. From a close brush with death due to chemo treatment, to being totally cancer free since January 2008, Integrative medicine is truly a miracle to Wren.

Both survivors agree that there is no downside to considering Integrative medicine treatment for cancer in comparison to conventional therapies. Reasearch the one that is right for you.

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By Dr. Gez Agolli| April 10, 2010
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