Are Your Sleeping with Your Pet?

By Bill Greenbaum on February 11, 2011

Are Your Sleeping with Your Pet?

Are You  Sleeping With Your Pet?

Nope not the naughty kind we mean but actually letting your dog dig way down under the covers and sleeping all night with you? Well the stats that we have show its a very popular thing to do. About 62% of dog owners surveyed by the American Pet Products Association let their dogs into the master bed. For cats, the number is about the same 62% sleep with their adult owners and about 13% of that figure sleep with the kids.

 So a great question can be is it safe and medically okay to do so? The answer from experts and vets is that there is absolutely no downside letting the family pet stay in your bed overnight.

Many folks do have allergies or suffer from asthma to be sure, and so the best advice is to either put up and shut up or simply take an over-the-counter allergy medication or get a shot to build up the immune system and your tolerance to pet dander. — which is the cause of allergic reactions. Probably people with severe allergies or asthma should avoid sleeping with a pet just to be on the safe side or get a HEPA filter and keep the pets out of the bedroom for a few hours a day just to refresh the air and filter out all the airborne allergens.

Okay so the next questions is, Can Pets Help Sleep?

The consensus seems to be that pets can help. As we all know, there are many medical  benefits for having pets around in your life, companionship, thoughtfulness, caring interaction and love generation. When the family pet sleep in your bed its comforting and calming and in the end everyone gets a great night sleep, except of course if your dog is a snorting, bed hogging jerky type of sleeper and then its a fight to the finish to see who can survive on the least amount of sleep — and from our point of view — the doggy always wins. They get to sleep all day whilst we have to get up  and go to work.

What About Sex?

Well regarding what do to with the family pet during sex the questions is valid because many people might like to know if it can put the kibosh on a happy healthy sex life. The answer is a great big no. However, there are three different scenarios to be mindful of.  The first is that many folks let their pets remain in the bed...

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By Bill Greenbaum| February 11, 2011
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