Changing up your Exercise Routine

Changing up your Exercise Routine Naturally Savvy Erin Moore Weight Training Cardio

The Weight Loss Challenge is well under-way, and with any health program, maintaining interest is essential. Adding variety to your exercise program can increase motivation. As well, revamping your fitness regime every 6 weeks keeps your muscles challenged, prevents your metabolism from adapting to your program and produces results.

Here are some tips on how to spice your fitness program:

  • Increase your number of workout days. If you are exercising 2 times per week, increase to 3 or 4 times per week. Remember, every bit counts. Add 5 to 10 minutes to your current exercise plan.

  • Increase the number of sets you do. Aim for 2 or even 3 sets.

  • Try a different type of workout. For example, circuit training is good for weight loss (For one set try: squats, pushups and sit-ups. Repeat.)

  • Add variety to your routine. Try a push-pull superset, sit-ups alternating with supermans. Try push-ups alternating with seated row.

  • If you can get to 15 reps, it is time to increase the weight.

  • Add in some interval training. Try some skipping, running, squat jumps or even jumping jacks to increase your heart rate.

  • Focus on set muscle groups. Workout lower body one day, upper body the next.

  • Workout with another buddy, they will have different exercise ideas.

  • Purchase a stability ball, bosu ball, weights or exercise bands to make at-home workouts more challenging.

  • Workout with a personal trainer. No matter how hard you are working now, they will challenge and motivate you.

  • If you were using machines, try adding in some free weight exercises. For safety, workout with a personal trainer or experienced friend.

  • Try yoga, swimming or a new exercise machine. Exercising your muscles in a variety of different ways will lead to results.

  • As the weather gets nicer, schedule outdoors activities. Go for an evening walk, take a bike ride, go to the park, play some sports outside.

By Erin Moore| April 17, 2009
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Erin Moore

Erin Moore

Erin Moore is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer who believes the key to optimal health lies in a balanced diet, staying active and maintaining an ideal work/life balance.

Erin’s health mission is to inform, empower and assist individuals in reaching their personal goals. She has helped many individuals improve their overall health and has presented on a wide variety of health topics from exercise and stress management to nutrition and digestive health.

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