Complete Idiot's Guide to Barefoot Running

By Daily Dose of Fit - Tara Sabo

If you are interested in joining the latest "revolution in running" (as I am), then The Complete Idiot's Guide to Barefoot Running just might be for you.

Written by Dr. Craig Richards (find him at Hunter Gait) and Thomas Hollowell (find him at Barefoot Running), this book "steps you through a training program that allows your feet to feel, flex, and respond to the ground naturally—and helps you build strength and improve your form at the same time." As you know, I have FiveFingers so I was all too thrilled to receive a copy of it.

I've been thumbing through it ever since. When I read books like this, I like to actually learn from them as they are meant to be learned from. My college-girl years come flashing back, and I whip out the Post-It notes. Never a highlighter, I wasn't one to deface my books in this way. But plaster Post-Its everywhere? Yeah, I was that girl. And apparently, I still am:

I've since made my way through Chapter 6 (Warm-Ups, Stretches, and Exercises), but am still only halfway through. So why am I writing this review right now? I couldn't wait any longer to tell you all about it. And besides, it's finally beginning to look like Spring out there which means you might be moving yourself outside. Far, far away from that treadmill. And so, once again, if you have any interest in barefoot running. Go and get yourself a copy of this book. Just to be clear, I don't think you're a complete idiot.

Care to know what I've read so far? I thought you'd never ask. A few of my favorite tidbits:

1) Anyone can do it. And apparently, those of us who have never gone barefoot running are known throughout the community as tenderfoots. Why? Because as you build up your barefoot running abilities, you also build up the strength in your feet. Perhaps even the skin on your feet, too. Although you can run lightly without shoes, you cannot always tread lightly because your feet will come in contact with some rough surfaces. Those surfaces aren't, however, unmanageable and that's where barefoot training comes into play. And you'll get a lot of advice in that respect between pages 1 and 336 of this book.

2) "Because of the interconnected relationship of the mind and body, runners can also benefit mentally from barefoot running." I love this. In shoes, we often struggle to become one with the ground. To some, that may sound cheesy. Even incorrect, but to barefoot runners, it is a true testament to one's ability to connect every ounce of their running game to every crack, pebble, blade of grass and more that the bottom of their feet come in contact with. This is huge. "Ultimately, the mental stimulation brought about through foot-to-brain communication helps keep the mind assured, calm, and more aware."

3) Apparently, we humans can only run up to 27 miles per hour. When you read Chapter 2, you'll learn more about this and "your barefoot potential." Meaning, you'll get a bit of the history of our running game. Right down to the mechanics within our body. Think ligaments, muscles, tendons and natural springs. Otherwise known....

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By Daily Dose of Fit - Tara Sabo| May 03, 2011
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Daily Dose of Fit - Tara Sabo

Daily Dose of Fit - Tara Sabo

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