Could Plastic Coated Board Books Contain BPA?

By Eco Child's Play

Do board books contain BPA?

Don’t run to your bookshelves and start throwing out board books just yet. I don’t have answers, but I want to share a concern that recently popped into my head while cleaning out my son’s bookcase.


Could plastic-coated board books contain BPA?

Board books are a staple of early literacy.  The National Institute of Health suggests these are “Good books for infants and toddlers”:

Board books are made from heavy cardboard with a plastic coating. The pages are easy for very young children to turn. Board books are sturdy and can stand hard wear by babies, who tend to throw them, crawl over them, and chew them. Board books can be wiped clean.

As I sorted through our collection of books, many of the favorite board books had teeth marks and corners chewed off from our teething days. I thought nothing as a new mom to pass my child a board book in the car and let him/her gnaw away at it. Now I wonder, what exactly is in that plastic coating?

I have Googled every combination of words to try to find some information. I have checked my favorite sites on BPA, like Healthy Child Healthy World, SafeMama , and Z Recommends to no avail. In fact, I can find little information about the plastic coated pages of board books, other than how great they are for babies and toddlers.  I found this information on a site about self-publishing under the heading “What are board books made of”:

What I discovered is that different materials are used for board books. The highest quality, and most expensive, is “white board,” or “white art board,” which essentially is pressed cardboard, with a white laminated surface, and white fibers all...


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By Eco Child's Play| December 01, 2010
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