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By Mad About Pets on April 29, 2011

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably tried just about every cleaner under the sun to get rid of pet stains and odors. I was lucky enough to try out Fizzion , a new and unique product designed to break down the toughest stains and odors (even urine!) Fizzion is a little different than the “usual” cleaners, as it comes in a concentrated tablet form rather than a pre-packaged spray bottle. You just drop the tablet into a 16 oz. spray bottle full of warm water, let it dissolve, and you’re ready to go. This is a great concept, as you are reusing the same bottle over and over, thus reducing plastic bottles in landfills and the petroleum needed to produce more plastic bottles. During my test-run of Fizzion , I just used a well-rinsed bottle from a previous cleaner that I had run out of.

Fizzion was developed by a chemist, and oddly enough the formula was originally developed for cleaning bowling lanes. As it turns out, the product worked amazing on all kinds of stains, including chocolate. The formula breaks down proteins to dissolve them, and also includes a bacteria-killing chemical that prevents stains and odors from sticking around. This awesome stain and odor removal plus the non-toxic nature of the formula made it a perfect match for the pet care market.

Personally I rarely have difficulty getting stains out of my carpeting, but odors are another story. Urine, in particular, is a smell that I’ve found to be nearly impossible to get out. I decided to test Fizzion on a urine spot—the ultimate challenge. I had an old couch in my basement that one of our more neurotic kitties decide to urinate on…repeatedly. As you probably know, once a cat pees on something it will likely continue to...

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By Mad About Pets| April 29, 2011
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