How to Detox

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Detoxification is a natural process that facilitates removal of toxic buildup from tissues and cells.Whether your reason to detoxify is to support your immune system, improve your digestion, prevent disease, or to shed a little weight, detoxification to cleanse the body is a worthy and time-honored practice. It can result in improved energy levels, better digestion and nutrient absorption, and less pain.  

Detoxification removes stored toxins (chemicals, pollutants, drug residues, unhealthy intestinal microbes) from your cells.  

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to detoxification. A detox can involve fasting, juicing, or even eliminating certain ingredients from your diet for a period of time - caffeine, sugar, animal foods, or all of the above. You can also detox by taking supplements and herbs that target specific organs, for example, fiber to cleanse the colon.

Choose one organ or one elimination system at a time to detoxify, beginning with either the liver or colon. Expect some signs that your body is removing toxins. It's common to experience head- or muscle aches, bad breath, acne, and irritability.

Be sure to drink plenty of pure water while you're detoxing to help the body quickly rid itself of toxins.


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