Is Technology Preventing Your Healthy Sleep?

By Kevin Byrne on November 16, 2010

technology good night sleep EMF radiation cell phone EMRYou can’t see or smell them, but they are all around us. EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) are invisible lines of force that emit from electrical power lines and electrical and electronic devices. A different type of EMF (Radio Frequency) is emitted by wireless technology such as wi-fi routers, cordless portable phones and cell phones.

Today, a growing number of experts believe that all of this technology is bathing us in an invisible toxic EMF soup that is dangerous to our health. EMFs from outside the body disrupt our body's natural balance and can play havoc with the millions of electrical impulses that the body uses to regulate all cellular activity. EMFs can interfere with our body's natural processes including sleep, which is imperative for good long-term health. Many studies have shown that EMFs suppress the production of the hormone melatonin an important produced by the penal gland in the brain during deep sleep.

Melatonin is produced by the brain during periods of darkness and is a vital part of many of the bodies biochemical systems required for both sleep and learning, it is free radical scavenging in all cells and hence is a potent antioxidant with anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. It also assists in maintaining immune system health and virus protection. 

Electric fields (V/M) are always present on charged electrical wires and devices plugged into live outlets. Even when a lamp is turned off but still plugged in it emits an electric field. Sleeping in a high electric field environment keeps you from having deep, restful stage four and five sleep. This happens because the polarity of alternating current (AC) electricity in the wires in your bedroom walls and floor and power cords changes from positive to negative 60 times a second (60 Hz). This causes a rapid, powerful alternating attraction and repulsion of each one of our body’s trillions of cells, all night long. Lately, more evidence has accumulated that the “dirty” electricity (radiation in the kHz) riding on the electric field is having more of an impact on our health then originally thought.

Radio Frequency (RF) fields (mWatt/cm2 ) are also a growing concern. In a recent blind study conducted at Trent University, 40 percent of the subjects exposed to the radio frequency EMF from the DECT cordless phone base-station experienced measurable heart rate irregularities with 20 percent of the subjects experienced a significant increase in heart rate. The (RF) radiation emitted from DECT cordless portable phones is the same type of microwave radiation emitted by cell phones, wi-fi routers and baby monitors, so it goes without saying that all of these devices could be a potential health threat.

Suggestions For Reducing Exposure

  • Even a simple clock radio can produce a powerful EMF so opt for a battery operated version to reduce exposure at night.

  • Lamps are notorious EMF emitters so remove all lamps (especially if they are made of metal) and electric cords from all sleeping areas.

  • Remove all extension cords, power lines and electronic technology from the sleeping area.

  • Install Graham-Stetzer filters on your homes electric circuits to reduce your exposure to “dirty” electricity riding on the electric field.

  • Use a landline, buy a cordless phone that does not use DECT technology, or remove the cordless phone base station from your bedroom.

  • Unplug your wi-fi router at night as the wireless RF signal can travel hundreds of feet.

  • Turn off your cell phone at night. Your cell phone will send out a blast of radiation each time you receive a message and some phones pulse RF on a continuous basis.

By Kevin Byrne| November 16, 2010
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