No Boys Allowed

By Natural Parenting Tips on July 01, 2011

No Boys Allowed I’d like to bring the topic of gender awareness to the table to discuss here at Natural Parenting Tips. I’ve been observing the interactions of little people recently, and have noticed that as children reach school age, there seems to be a tendency for them to decide to find the opposite sex unappealing. What I’d like to discuss, is whether gender roles are nature or nurture.

Do we impose the “Boy Germs Girl Germs” mentality upon  children, or is it a natural stage.

According to psychologists, at around about 9 months, babies display gender awareness, with girls selecting quieter toys and boys finding more dynamic, loud toys more appealing. By age four, what we might call male behaviour is prevalent in boys as their testosterone levels increase dramatically. This is where little boys go from being quiet, genteel little  creatures to becoming the super-hero, action man type children [1]

Gender awareness is very different to gender roles, and I’m wondering if the expectations that we see of each gender portrayed in the media is responsible for some of the behaviour our children exhibit.

Anecdotally, I’ve noticed the change in behaviour with my 4-year-old, with him all of a sudden being incredibly active, risk taking, ...

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By Natural Parenting Tips| July 01, 2011
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