PB Bacon Dog Biscuits: Gluten-free treats

By The Sensitive Pantry

PB Bacon Dog Biscuits: Gluten-free treats fit for The King's best friend

If Elvis still graced the earth he’d probably ask me to send him these PB & Bacon Dog Biscuits for his beloved companions.  I’d keep busy making GF dog bones for the Elvis pack and running my little blog for the rest of my natural born days.

Despite numerous Elvis sightings it seems that dream isn’t going to happen any time soon.

I’ll just have to keep making them for my little imps—Border Terriers who keep us constantly entertained and just as often irked. 

They’re pretty spoiled. Very loved. They give back as good as they get.

We take care of them—feed them, walk, play with and cuddle them. They give us endless kisses, tail wags, and unconditional love. Oh, and, chewed furniture. Did I mention upset tummies and mystery rashes?

That’s why the dogs are now officially gluten-free. They’ve had gluten-free dog food from the beginning but your run-of-the-mill treats which are, as we all know, laden with wheat and gluten. I hope ridding their diets of gluten will help with their tummy and skin issues.

GF dog biscuits are not readily available at your local pet store.  I was excited when I found a local dog biscuit company, Bubba Rose Biscuit Company, who specializes in just such treats. Besides a wide variety of GF dog goodies they had a copy of their cookbook—The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook—available for sale. The recipes feature all the flours we GF folks have in our pantries—mostly brown rice and GF oat flour.

The recipes are easy and enticing. Bonus: the house will smell wonderfully peanut buttery when you bake this version of one of their popular treats. So good you’ll be tempted to eat them yourselves. Don’t bother. According to my husband they may smell good but they taste like cardboard. Save them for the furry ones.

Do my dogs savor these treats? Haha. Well, if you’ve ever had a dog you know that word is not in their food vocabulary. Dogs savor life; they do not savor food.

Do they love these treats? You bet ...

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By The Sensitive Pantry| January 29, 2011
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