Show Your Love with a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

At the center of all those big bear hugs, warm hands, and pounding beats at the sign of first love is your heart of course! Keeping blood circulating and carrying vital nutrients and oxygen to our entire bodies leaves our heart working full-time. This Valentine's Day, why not give your loved ones (and yourself) the gift of a healthy heart? Heart health issues have become far too common today and there is nothing to love about that. A healthy heart is the start to full body wellness, and improvements don't take much more than being conscious about your diet and lifestyle.

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Here are some tips for heart-healthy living:

  • Cut out health-damaging trans fats by reading labels. Avoid foods containing hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils (these products are safer left on the grocery shelf). Continue to support your heart by avoiding processed foods and limiting sodium and saturated fat.

  • Stick to lean protein sources such as chicken, fish and legumes. Once a week aim to make a vegetarian dish.

  • Take advantage of salmon's omega-3s - another heart helper. Walnuts are also rich in healthy fats, so add some to your salad!

  • Berries are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants and fiber-rich oatmeal has been shown to lower cholesterol levels. This is just the beginning of the superfoods that can make your heart a happy one!

  • Lifestyle changes might include getting active and reducing stress. Find yourself stressed most days? Try some journal writing or have a warm bath followed by some stretching.

  • Showing affection by touching, hugging, or just holding hands keeps us social, and science shows that being connected to others like this lowers blood pressure. Now what is there not to love about that?

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Embarking on the journey to total health might start with your heart, but can continue well into other aspects of your life. This Valentine's Day, eat well, love big, and stay healthy.

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By Claire Fountain| February 08, 2017
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Claire Fountain

Claire Fountain

"Food should not only be good to eat, but also good to think." --Claire Fountain

Claire Fountain is witty, passionate and lives a sweet life of all things food. Claire believes in sharing her knowledge of baking and cooking along side her holistic approach to eating with all of you. As a food writer featured in books and publications, with a background teaching cooking classes, vegan baker and personal chef, to name a few ventures, Claire loves the science, history and lore of food. Recipe development, catering and researching... Claire keeps it joyous in and out of the kitchen. Though born and raised in Mississippi on biscuits and ranch dressing, she practices what she preaches in her own daily food choices, with taste being at the forefront. She currently writes and bakes in New York; spending time supporting local agriculture, sustainable food and promoting conscious consumption with sexy vengeance.

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