Small Changes, Big Results

By Natural Edge

I often have people come to me, looking for that one great exercise program that is going to get them on track, change their life. And I have to admit - there's been a couple times where I've made the mistake of doing it. Creating an amazing, fun workout program for someone - and sending them on their merry way. Wrong.

What people don't realize is this:

If you aren't working out consistently right now, how is one little piece of paper with a list of weekly exercises going to make you? Now sure, there are going to be people who get a great program, punch a whole in the universe out of excitement, and stick to it, meeting their goals. But the majority of people don't. They stick to it for about 2-4 weeks, at best, then slowly let it slide down their list of priorities. And even more often, hold onto the paper and make a million excuses on why they'll start next week. Sound familiar?

(Many of you trainers out there know what I'm talking about when I say one of the biggest problems with this, as well,  is that it actually makes you looks bad, as though your program wasn't any good! I'll be honest here - I write some pretty kickass workout programs for people.)

All of it comes down to the magic pill syndrome. Looking for that quick fix. These people are looking to buy motivation, not a workout program. In my experience, people who already lack motivation tend to be discouraged a lot more easily, and tend to have high expectations for results. They have the goal of losing 20 (or more) pounds, and when they don't start seeing it right away, they lose interest, and quit (and then say exercise doesn't work for them).

I have many true-blue beginner clients (who had never never exercised before, or at least not for many years) who came to me looking for that full, killer, program that is just going to "PX90" them right into shape! You know what I get these clients doing the first couple weeks? Walking. Two to four times a week, anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the client. Boring, right? They totally hated me for - at first. I explain a few things to these clients:

1. If you can prove to ...

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By Natural Edge| April 22, 2011
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