The Coffee Enema

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coffeeThe coffee enema is truly one of the most amazing detox procedures in the world. Proponents play like a who’s who of the history books. In pre-revolutionary France, royalty preformed a daily enema after dinner. This was considered ‘de rigueur’. It was thought to be indispensable for health as well as for a good complexion, healthy hair, and strong nails. King Louis XIV is said to have done the procedure more than 2,000 in his lifetime.

In the 1920’s German scientists found that a non-toxic caffeine solution could open the bile ducts, stimulating the production of bile in the liver to remove toxins. Dr. Max Gerson used this treatment clinically as part of a general detoxification regimen, first for tuberculosis, then cancer – just some of the numerous uses of the coffee enema.  

The coffee enema procedure really could not be easier. It is a two-stage process:

1. Preparation

Using 2 tablespoons of fresh ground organic coffee beans, use a French press or a standard drip coffee machine to make 750ml of coffee. Pour the fresh hot coffee into an enema bucket. You can use an enema bag, but the bucket is much easier to handle and transport. Now top the enema bucket up with another 750ml of purified water (use distilled water if you have it available). Next it is time to lubricate the ‘business end’ of the hose. I use coconut oil or top quality olive oil. Lastly add any herbs for the process, for example: anti-parasitic, anti-infective, hyssop herb, garlic oil, polar minerals, etc.

2. Procedure

Now it’s go time!  Place some towels on the floor of the bathtub. Hang the bucket up so that it is higher than your body – this will allow a gravity flow. Use the braking-valve provided to slow the flow. I will usually allow five to ten minutes for the coffee/water/herb mixture to do its job. Now it’s time to expel the mix. Pull the plug while sitting over the toilet. You should have three to four waves of expulsion.

The amazing coffee enema will rid your body of old, encrusted fecal matter, neutralize free radicals, and so much more. I invite you to do some further research on this most economical and effective procedure.

Remember to read the instructions on your enema kit carefully before trying the procedure, and just to be safe, check with your health practitioner first.


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Brian Gangel is a leading QRATM (Quantum Reflex Analyst) expert. He is also a certified Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant, Health Coach and a Holistic Skin Care specialist. 

By Guest| November 16, 2013
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