What is Glutathione?

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What is Glutathione? And why can it help a special needs child?

How on earth do you pronounce it, was my first thought when I saw this word for the first time. “Glue – tah – thigh – own”, not too hard compared with some others I’ve had to learn!

Last July, at a Mindd Foundation seminar, I learnt about Glutathione from a presentation by the amazing Dr Jill James – a leading authority in the field of Autism research. I know absolutely how overwhelming it can be to try and absorb masses of technical information… So I’ve copied a tiny extract from an article which explains very well why Glutathione is so important for many kids with special needs:

Glutathione is very important in maintaining and restoring physical health, and even mental health.   We know that children with autism tend to have lower levels of glutathione when compared to neurotypical children.  We also know that families that genetically tend to have lower amounts of glutathione [that is, their factories just produce lower amounts of glutathione],  also tend to have problems with schizophrenia, alcoholism, bi-polar disease, depression, attention deficit disorder, constipation, and autism.  Glutathione is essential for protecting cells from toxins – it is our master anti-oxidant, and seems to play in FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, AND LANGUAGE. ~ Dr Jerry Kartzinel

You can also listen to a great interview with Dr. Corinne Allen – author, researcher and natural health practitioner who is an expert on how to affect brain health, learning, and behaviour problems without drugs. In this interview, Dr Allen talks about glutathione and the role it plays for kids with autism.
Dr Allen says:

Glutathione occurs naturally in the body.. it is produced by the liver…it is 5,000 times stronger than any other antioxidant.


At this Mindd Foundation event last July, I also learnt about a glutathione-boosting supplement called Max GXL – you can read some exciting testimonials from parents about this product at the bottom of Dr Kartzinel’s article.

 “Max” has taken months to make it to Australia, but is now available online. We have been using this product with our son for the past 3 months and whilst we are also doing many other things (on the IAHP program), I believe it’s contributing to his progress.

I set myself up as a Max distributor and had planned to buy it in and sell the product from our food store, but there is no option to buy wholesale so there’s little ...

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By none| August 02, 2011
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