When I’m Wrong, I Say I’m Wrong

By Nourishing Circle

100 bonus points for anyone who can tell me which movie that line is from – I will give you a hint – I watched it at least once a day when I was in high school and I cut all of my jeans off into shorts because of it.

Digressing, already.


Kinda like feeling our feelings, saying we are wrong is hard. But, the truth is that we all make mistakes. We can’t predict the future. The only thing we can do is move forward with honesty, authenticity and take the mistakes as opportunities rather than beat ourselves up about them.

As I mentioned earlier, being in business for myself – just like working on my relationship with food – has been an amazing opportunity to dig deeper into who I am. And this week has been that multiplied.

In case you are new here, today wrapped up the last day of a group coaching program I was running called How To Stop Dieting. The focus of the course was to work through limiting beliefs and feelings based in the diet mentality. It is my deepest, and truest belief that in order to heal ones relationship with food – this is the work that must be done.

When I launched this course,  I had big plans and I wanted it to be a foundational course in a larger course. During the running of the course, I had decided that I would launch a private course to them and then launch a bigger program for the fall. And when I launched the private program – I didnt get the numbers I needed to run it.

At first, I was devastated.

This was my dream, damn it.

They didn’t like me. What I had created was not good enough despite the obvious shifts that had been happening. Despite having a small group that did want to move forward. Despite the emails that brought me to tears about the lives that were changing. Emails that blatantly told me what I had created in that short course had been enough. In fact, some of the shifts that were happening for people overwhelmed me.

I was afraid. And I was running off with a story. A story that just didn’t feel true for me and yet, I was allowing it to make me miserable.

I knew that my misery was a sign that there was something more – underneath it – and that I needed to explore it further.

And what I discovered about that beautiful misery was that, as it always is, it was my compass to the heart of who I am and what I want.

Not getting the numbers I needed was exactly what was ...

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By Nourishing Circle| June 03, 2011
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