When You’re Green Inside, You’re Clean Inside

When you’re Green inside, You’re clean inside Naturally Savvy Latham Thomas Spring Cleans Toxins

The winds of change are among us yet again and the subtle shifts in temperature, sunlight, plants, and animals are happening all around. The sight of budding trees brings with them the promise that a long-anticipated spring is just around the corner. Considering all the changes surrounding us at this time of year, wouldn’t it make sense to change right along with the season?

Winter brings about pensive thinking and slower movements. It's a time to go inward and hibernate. During this time our bodies retain fat to keep us warm and we eat heavier and more hearty meals to sustain ourselves. Winter is a time for planning. Spring is a great time to take action on those well-pondered thoughts.

Spring is a wonderful time to assess what we’ve built up all winter and to start letting go. A spring cleanse is one way to establish clarity in all areas of your life.

I’m not just taking about drinking wheatgrass for two weeks, but really going inside yourself and pulling out what no longer belongs in your life; these may be habits, certain people, toxic thoughts. In your personal space: clear out your closet, pantry, clean your home, your office. Starting a holistic detox will help you prepare in mind, body and spirit for the new season. Set the stage for an abundant spring by letting go of what was, and embrace what is, allowing new opportunities to take form in your life.

Here are three simple tips for a Healthy Holistic Detox:

Keep it Green: Spring is characterized by lush green plant life. Upward reaching leafy greens are shooting up all around us. These power foods are necessary for cleansing the blood, detoxifying the liver and regulating our blood sugar. Try greens such as dandelion, Swiss chard, mustard greens, kale, mesclun greens as well as sprouts and shoots of all sorts. Enjoy your greens at every meal.

In the morning try a new twist on an omelet by adding some shitake mushrooms and Swiss chard ribbons.

For lunch, try having a mixed green salad with the works. Add your favorite oil-based dressing and remember that good fats such as olive oil and flax help coat the intestinal lining making it easy for your body to do its job of cleaning you out.

When you've got that late afternoon slump, pick yourself up with a green juice. A delightful mixture of greens such as kale, parsley, chard, celery and cucumber. Try adding some apple, lemon and a touch of ginger and you are in business. This green drink will help bring your blood sugar levels back into balance, so you may not need that coffee and pastry at 4 p.m.

For dinner, try making greens the centerpiece of your meal, rather than animal protein, and focus on plant-based proteins. You will find that you can eat considerably less and still feel satisfied. Explore different preparations such as sauteing with garlic and olive oil, steaming with sea salt or boiling bitter greens. Remember, the more raw greens you can eat the better.

If greens aren’t your favorite, you can try plant chlorophyll, which comes in both capsule and liquid form. Try taking this mixture every morning: 1 tbsp mixed with 8 ounces of water and half a lemon. This is great for balancing out sugar cravings.

Keep it Clean: Organize your personal space: sweep, dust, mop and vacuum. File papers and shred the rest. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to get your place squeaky clean without the harsh effects. Product lines such as Method, Ecover, Seventh Generation and Shaklee will do the job.

Keep it Zen: Clear out your life of destructive habits and explore the possibilities of self renewal, set intentions and implement 3 feasible goals for the season. They can be health and wellness related, general lifestyle goals, or personal well being in focus.

By Latham Thomas| May 20, 2009
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About the Author

Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas is a graduate of Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has earned a degree in Visual Arts and Environmental Science. Latham is a certified holistic health counselor, who mixes her passions of plant physiology, botany, holistic nutrition, fitness, yoga, and organic green cuisine into a lifestyle program that supports the various needs of her clients.

She is the founder of Tender Shoots Wellness, a boutique lifestyle company that supports women during childbearing years. Latham is also the co-founder of Panela Productions, a company that educates parents and children about food, through cooking classes and events.

Latham currently teaches plant-based culinary classes at Whole Foods Market and Natural Kitchen Cooking School. She also gives lectures on plant based nutrition and teaches prenatal and vinyasa yoga.

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