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Ellyndale Foods recently launched their line of Q-Cups, and there has never been an easier or quicker way to prepare quinoa. We love that you can take these on a plane, throw them in your purse, or have some in your desk at work and in 5 minutes you have an instant meal simply by adding boiling water. Quinoa is high in protein, and these are flavorful without weird Scary Seven ingredients like MSG that you often find in prepared foods. The Q-Cups come in three varieties; Original, Savory Garlic and Mushroom, and Southwestern BBQ.

We've teamed up with Ellyndale to bring you this one giant $200 prize. The prize includes Q-Cups, Coconut Oil Infusions, culinary oils, and Nutty Infusions. We have more information on their oils and their different smoke points for your reference. We're especially partial to the avocado oil because it is so versatile and has a high smoke point.

Our favorite quick meal combo is the Southwestern BBQ with sliced avocados on top. Ellyndale has a variety of recipes that incorporate Q-Cups.

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Simply, fill in the form below and let us know how you plan to use your Q-Cups. We'll post some of the best responses after the contest closes.

The Contest is Now Closed.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for using QCups.
"I can use Q-Cups when I travel instead of trying to find 'healthy' fast food places." Derrick
"As a side item with roasted veggies." Aimee
"Pack a quick snack for my granddaughter when we go on day trips." Donna
"Get my husband to try something new without him seeing it." Dianne
"I will use the Southwestern Q-Cup in a taco salad!" Adeline
"I will top my Qcup with grilled shrimp and scallops!" Rebecca
"I'll be using them with my clients to help show them that healthy food doesn't have to take a long time." Laura
"At work! I'm a nurse and can't always take a break, so a quick, healthy easy meal is perfect!" Amanda
"I think the Southwestern BBQ Quinoa would be a great protein for a vegetarian lasagne!" Deborah

Congratulations to Eva J. our lucky winner!

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Win one prize valued at $200 that includes a variety of Ellyndale Products including Gourmet Cooking and Finishing Oils, Coconut Infusions-Virgin Organic Flavor Infused Coconut Oils, Q Cups-Instant Gourmet Quinoa Cups and Nutty Infusions-roasted cashew and almond butters infused with whacked out flavors.

US Only. One entry per person.

Rules and Regulations

Contest runs May 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017
Winners will be announced June 1, 2017

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