10 Delicious and Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Mondays (or Any Day)

10 Delicious and Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Mondays (or Any Day)

Eating vegetarian all of the time isn’t easy for a lot of people, but going meatless even just one day each week can have a big impact on both your health and the environment. The organization Meatless Monday chose the first day of the work/school week for their campaign to reduce meat consumption because it is the first day of structure in the week and the day that “we set our intentions for the next six days.” But the point of the campaign is to reduce your overall consumption so whether you choose to do that on Mondays or Thursdays is completely up to you.

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The benefits of Meatless Monday (or any other day) include reducing the carbon footprint of your food as well as giving your body food that is rich in nutrients and reducing your body’s exposure to some of the dangers of meat consumption. The challenge for many carnivores is that they often don’t think they’ll feel satisfied if their meal doesn’t include meat of some sort. But it is possible, and not only is it possible, but it’s possible to do without having to eat foods you don’t like (i.e. without a drop of tofu in sight). Here are ten vegetarian recipes that are both satisfying and delicious (and pretty easy to make too), whether you want to start going meatless every day or just want to ease into it.  In fact, we’re quite certain you’ll decide to whip these up just because you like them so much. Being vegetarian (part or full time) isn’t as hard as it may seem.

1. Acorn Squash Quesadilla and Tomatillo Salsa

2. Sweet Potato and Kate Pesto Pizza

3. Vegetarian Cassoulet

4. One Pan Pasta

5. Vegetarian Chili with Chocolate

6. Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice

7. Eggplant Parmesean

8. Portabella Burgers

9. Rustic Onion Tart

10. Zucchini “Noodles” with Sesame-Peanut Sauce 

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Photo: Deb Perelman/Smitten Kitchen

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