10 Things Never To Say To A Vegan

By none on August 09, 2011
Have a guest post of sorts for you today.  I saw this list over on VeganSpoonful a few months ago, and thought it was clever and amusing. Rebekah agreed to share it with you on my blog today.  So here it is, 10 things never to say to a vegan...
10.  ”If you were stranded on a desert island, and there was nothing to eat but animals, would you eat meat?” Despite the fact that this has nothing to do with most of our current lives, we hear this one ALL.  THE.  TIME.  It’s really not as clever as you think!  ;)  First, we’d probably eat some coconuts…but yes, if it came down to our survival or the survival of an animal, I’m sure all of us would choose ourselves.  What’s your point?  If I was in a dire survival situation I might also drink my own urine a la Bear Grylls, so should I start doing that, too?  (Okay, maybe I wouldn’t, I don’t know…but you see what I’m getting at?)

9.  ”But where do you get your protein?” Legumes, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds…pretty much every food in the plant kingdom contains protein.   If you are getting enough calories, you are more than likely getting plenty of protein.  Most meat-eaters get twice the RDA for protein!

8.  ”I just ate <insert name of animal body part herefor lunch, it was soooo yummy!”  and then on and on and on, describing it in great detail.  Um…vegan here!  Not really interested in hearing how the meat was just “falling off the bone” and now I’m starting to get nauseous...

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By none| August 09, 2011
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