3 Ways to Reduce Calories on the Ketogenic Diet

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Starting a ketogenic diet is an exciting time as you take the first steps toward living healthier and fitter. While you may be eager to get started, you might not be sure about what you can eat and how much. The first few weeks will be spent finding a balance in your diet and learning about portions. While ketone helps burn calories, you still have to keep an eye out for how much you eat. Here are three ways to reduce your caloric intake without cutting back on portion sizes.  

1. Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet

There are countless benefits of coconut oil for your hair, nails, and diet. By cooking with this ingredient instead of butter or olive oil, you're making your food easier to digest and better for you. Coconut oil has MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which digests easily and speed up burning body fat. MCTs are less likely to be stored by your body and instead will be used immediately for energy.

If you have ever felt like buttered rolls have stayed with you for days after you have eaten them, they probably have. Switch to coconut oil instead!

We have 27 Uses for Coconut Oil plus 9 More

2. Evaluate Your Carb/Protein Balance

Speaking of buttered rolls, you may need to evaluate how you balance protein and carbohydrates in your diet. A ketogenic diet requires a balance in your protein intake to work. For example, too little protein will leave you feeling hungry and tired, which is when you're tempted to cheat. However, too much protein can actually slow the ketosis process and cause more harm than good. This is why it's important to keep a strict journal of everything you eat, otherwise this balance will be off.

Meanwhile, carbs aren't always the enemy. A low-carb diet consisting of leafy vegetables is often recommended over removing them entirely, as long as you know which carbs are good and which carbs aren't providing nutrients and energy. By consciously eating, you should find yourself choosing naturally low-calorie foods without scrutinizing labels.  

3. Eggs and Avocados Make a Great Pair

Move over bacon, eggs have a new partner: avocados. Eggs are ideal for a ketogenic lifestyle because they have less than one gram of carbs and about six grams of protein. Meanwhile, half of an avocado has nine grams of carbs, but seven of those are fiber. Together, they create a power couple for breakfast or lunch. You can either mix them together in an omelet with salsa for an extra kick, or bake the egg inside the avocado in the oven. If you're dieting with your partner, this makes a great meal because each of you can have an avocado half with an egg.

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Not only will pairing eggs and avocados cut the high calories of bacon, but they will also help you cut the carbs of your avocado toast from brunch.

While your ketone supplement will help with weight loss and replacing fat with muscle, it will work only if you give it the right tools for the job. So, make sure you're following your balanced diet and keeping an eye on your calories to increase your chances of success.  

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By Guest| May 11, 2017
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