4 Gross Big Food Combos that Actually Exist

Big Food will try anything to get you to buy more food products. The latest tactic is mashing up brands and food styles.

Stephen Colbert profiled “Dewitos” the other day on "The Colbert Report." Yes, that’s a Mountain Dew-Doritos flavored hybrid beverage. Or as Colbert described it: like consuming Mountain Dew and Doritos separately and then throwing up in your mouth a little bit. Yum.

As funny/gross/frightening as the hybrid beverage is, it got me wondering about what other gross food combinations Big Food is trying to get us addicted to. 

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I recently wrote about the Dorilocos—Crazy Doritos—taking off in Mexico. But right here in the U.S. there are plenty of gag-worthy bad-for-you foods that are even worse for you as a combo. These four are trending right now:

The Fritos Pizza: What are corn chips doing on a pizza? Are Americans really that stoned? Pizza can actually be a healthy-ish dish when made with a whole wheat or organic corn meal crust (non-organic would likely contain GMOs). Plus, if you ditch the dairy and meat and top your pie with organic veggies and homemade sauce, it’s really a pretty good for you meal. Fritos on your Papa John’s, though? Not so much.

Pizza Hut’s New Menu: Speaking of pizza, the folks over at Pizza Hut are gearing up for a new menu launch, which includes Sriracha sauces, nitrite-loaded meats, and of course, what we've always wanted: pretzel crusts. At least they’re not stuffed with hot mustard sauce…yet.

Dunkin’ Donuts Not-Cronut: Dunkin’ Donuts has ripped off the NYC cronut craze, but these aren’t small-batch handmade pastries. These “croissant donuts” are loaded with unhealthy ingredients from start to finish like GMO oils, processed sugar, refined flours and not really a single healthy ingredient.

Oreo Churros: Oreo loves to take on new identities. It thought it was a watermelon before. Now it seems, there are Oreo churros in the works, taking a cue from the popular Mexican cinnamon-spiced treats. Neither are healthy in any sense, and combined it’s a load of high fructose corn syrup, GMO oils and empty calories.

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By Jill Ettinger| November 13, 2014
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Jill Ettinger

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