Antiperspirants vs Deodorants

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Natural Antiperspirants vs Deoderants: Lafe Larson: Naturally Savvy

Many of us have seen the emails circulating the internet about avoiding antiperspirants - because they may cause breast cancer - and avoiding deodorants with aluminum - because they may cause Alzheimer’s. Is it true? Why is it dangerous? And what can we use instead?

Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants

Deodorants are used to stop our bodies from smelling. They keep odor away by simply eliminating the cause – bacteria that lives on the skin. Bacteria are ever present on the surface of the skin as the body continually releases toxins. An effective deodorant will contain anti-bacterial properties, thereby eliminating the causes of the odor. Deodorants, however, are not designed to prevent or reduce sweating – which is a healthy and natural process.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are designed to prevent the body from sweating. Appealing as that sounds, many people believe it’s not healthy since the skin is the largest organ of the body, and is constantly releasing toxins through the process of sweating. The skin needs to breathe (sweat) to function properly. What happens to the toxins that are not allowed to leave the body? That is the question some people believe may be one of the causes of the rising rates of breast cancer in our society today. According to the September 2006 issue of Alternative Medicine magazine, fifty-percent of all breast cancers begin in the underarm area. Long term use of antiperspirants may have significant health risks, and may be something you wish to avoid until there’s more definitive evidence suggesting long-term use of antiperspirants has no serious health implications.

Are Synthetic Deodorants Dangerous?

The synthetic aluminum chemicals, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zicarnium, are generally marketed as antiperspirants and designed to block your armpit pores from breathing so you will sweat less, if at all. The danger can occur when our bodily sweat and toxins have nowhere to go because the pores in our armpits are blocked by these antiperspirants.

There is a large and ever growing body of evidence that makes logical associations between toxin buildup and cancers, as well as other Western Society type of diseases. This body believes the buildup of toxins caused by long-term use of antiperspirants may be one of the causes of rising rates of breast cancer in women in our society today.

Alum vs. Aluminum

There is a significant difference between alum, in its natural state, and synthetic aluminum chlorohydrate and other synthetic compounds. You may have seen the word “alum” listed on the labels of natural deodorants. Naturally occurring alum is a large molecule which kills bacteria that is on the surface of the skin. Due to its size, it is generally not absorbed through the skin. It works by killing the bacteria which is the cause of body odor therefore one will continue to perspire, a healthy process since it is eliminating toxins in the body, but there will be no body odor.

Toxicologists believe that anything considered large “molecularly” is not absorbed into the skin because of its size. Naturally occurring alum is a large molecule and simply not very easily absorbed into the body. Toxicologists suggest that aluminum buildup has more to do with what is taken internally, such as the foods we eat and the cooking utensils we use. Some popular brands of kitchen cookware are made with aluminum and many foods we consume daily, such as baking powder, pickles and most ant-acids also contain aluminum.

Naturally occurring alum has been used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia and diseases such as Alzheimer’s are rare compared to illnesses common in our society today. In Southeast Asia, naturally occurring alum has a long and colorful history of use. Alum has been used for centuries as a crude form of water purification in remote villages, where there was no other way of purifying drinking water. At one time, the United Nations recommended putting an "alum rock" in remote village water systems to eliminate common bacteria. The literature also suggests that naturally occurring alum was used as an anti-bacterial for minor cuts and scrapes because of its prevalence - sixty-five percent of the Earth's crust is made up of naturally occurring alum.

What Can You Use Instead?

There are several brands of natural deodorants on the market. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are generally not manufactured by natural health companies because they do not allow the body to “breathe”, which is naturally occurring and important for maintaining your health. We personally feel deodorants are like diets – you have to try several of them until you find the one that works for you.

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