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We are absolutely thrilled at the overwhelming praise we have received for our book, Unjunk Your Junk Food. Here are just a few of the amazing reviews found on the world wide web...

Latest Reviews

"Unjunk Your Junk Food offers a real-life solution to America's junk food craving.  It's not another eat-your-vegetables book.  Instead, the book suggests so-called cleaner versions of the leading brands in everything from fruity kids' drinks to chips to candy.  It also defines common processed food ingredients and calls out some of the worst health offenders such as trans fats, artificial sweeteners and certain preservatives. The book has a "worst ingredients chart" to clip and take along on shopping trips. But I'm inclined to take the entire book along.  It has colorful graphics and easy-to-read notes about all sorts of junk food that can help you learn to understand ingredient labels." -


"Overall, this book has been invaluable to me, both as a consumer and as a maintainer.  My goal is pretty simple: to become a healthier version of me as I become more educated about what I choose to eat, therefore I am actively changing the way I purchase food. It is my responsibility to not only look at how I eat but what I eat as well. To say that I am going to eliminate snacks from my diet would be unrealistic because obviously, I’m not going to do that. However, when I do snack I certainly can make better choices about how I’m fueling my body." - Fat Girl Wearing Thin


"There is so much useful information packed into this easy-to-read guide that it really surprised me at how much I still don’t know about what really goes in to the food my family eats." - Mom Always Finds Out


"The book measures 6 X 6 so it's a good size to fit in your purse as you take it to the grocery store as a reference.  The book has very colorful glossy pages which I found very attractive. I enjoyed going through the book and learning what contained 'The Scary Seven' [harmful] ingredients and what was the better alternative choice.  This book will continue to be helpful to me when I go to the grocery store to decide what junk food I would want to buy." - Nancy's Free Selections


"I think the best part of the book has been all the new “healthy” junk foods that it has introduced me to." - Just Me And My Frugal Kitchen


"I've always thought of energy bars as healthy, but was suprised to see so many of the "scary seven" on the ingredients list." - Site 4 Teachers



"It really aligns with my own health philosophy and I will be recommending it to my clients." - Erena Digonis


The biggest "take-away" or thing I learned from reading this book is that "healthy" does not always mean lower calories or fat. It is about the actual CONTENT of the food. We MUST read the ingredients!" - Live 2 Save 2 Live


"Overall, I give Unjunk Your Junk Food 5 out of 5 stars." - Written By Mama


"If you're looking for a healthier way of life, even a slight improvement, I suggest picking up this super colorful, easy-to-read guide before your next shopping trip!" - It's Jeanette


"This has seriously changed the way I look at food packaging. Sure, grocery shopping might take a little longer, but “The Scary Seven” aren’t lurking in my pantry any more! Bonus: It’s small enough to fit in your purse so you can bring it with you to the store!" - A Grande Life


"I loaned my copy to a friend and she said her boyfriend loves the book and keeps asking where he can find the alternatives to his favorite junk foods! She said this book helped her finally get through to him about all the processed food he eats. I don't know about you but my boyfriend doesn't like being told his favorite foods are bad for him.  This book is a good one for them to look over on their own and make their own decision."  - Beauty Au Natural


"The best pages of the entire book are pages 25-26.  On these pages is a huge list of ingredients we should consider poisonous to our bodies and stay away from at all costs.  I was really shocked how many of the foods I thought were healthy or at least “okay” to eat contained these ingredients." - Gina's Kokopelli


"Even though I removed all of 'The Scary Seven' ingredients from my personal pantry over twenty years ago, I share my world with a teen who loves “normal” junk food. To my utter chagrin, many page 25 Scary Seven ingredients have slithered into my home again. When she [my teenage daughter] saw me reading Unjunk Your Junk Food last week, she browsed through the pages on a long drive home and recalled the healthier alternatives from her younger years. By the end of our travel time, she agreed to return to Dr. Oetker’s boxed cake mixes and puddings, Rice Dream Ice Cream, Whole Foods house brand ice cream and Terra Chips." - The Kitchen Counselor 


"This time, I turned the bag [of Jelly Belly's] over, almost wishing that I could skip reading the ingredients, so disgusted at what makes these jelly beans an actual solid, chewy drop of sugared flavor—that I put them back. And while I’ve always been good at making conscious decisions of what I eat, this was new [for me]—actually turning over the checkout line candy and reading the label. I owe that to Unjunk Your Junk Food." - City Roots Muddy Boots


"After reading the book, I pay more attention to that pesky ingredient list on the side of all our food. Now I'm also making sure [my snacks] don't have more added ingredients than we need. Why add all the chemicals to our food if they're only going to hurt our bodies!?" - Week 99er


"We know that children especially are drawn to junk food. Now with this book, I am able to offer [MY KIDS] alternatives that aren’t full of carcinogens. I may even keep my copy of the book in my purse for long shopping trips so that I don’t make any hasty decisions. As a mother struggling to make the right choices for my children, it’s a relief to finally have one less thing to stress about."  - Let's Go On A Picnic


"I’m in charge of the shopping and cooking in our family, and this really made me open my eyes to what’s going into our foods, even the ones that I think are healthy. It’s also neat to know that there are great-tasting, healthy alternatives out there for those junk food cravings. I suspect that next time I go grocery shopping, the ingredients will be the first thing that I check out." - Marriage On A Budget


"I looked through the book fervently because I'm always looking to improve on our eating habits. I am beyond thrilled when I can come up with a mental list of  "safe brands" that I can pick up without having to check their labels every time (note - I still check periodically to be sure things haven't changed). If you have a hard time deciphering labels, and you like the "eat this, not that" format, then you will love this book and learn a lot. If you're a clean eater (read: grocery stalker!) like me, then you'll appreciate knowing that alternatives exist!" - The Urban Jungle


"This book comes in handy. It's a good versus bad anthology, meant to to be carried through the store alongside your grocery list. To read it is to familiarize yourself with healthier alternatives, Unjunked junk food, if you will."  - A Daily Dose Of Fit


"This book is not just a wealth of information, but it is a practical tool that you can take with you to the grocery store. They have a tear out chart, recipes, links to more great info, and a whole list of approved brands to help you make better decisions every day." - Your World Healthy And Natural


"I have to say that the next time I shop for my family's food, I will certainly be more careful. The items above will not be in my shopping cart, as I will be searching for a more healthy alternative for each product." - Missy Roses Coupon Spot


"The biggest shocker to me was that my wonderful sugar free chewing gum made the BAD list.  It’s loaded with artificial flavors, aspartame, BHT (a preservative), and more.  It never occurred to me that I needed to read the label on GUM!?! The best news is that I can still chew gum but make a healthier option. Since reading through “Unjunk Your Junk Food”, I’ve tweaked my grocery list and I read the labels a little bit more wisely than before." - Apple Crumbles


"After reading this book, I feel even more determined to seek out healthier options for feeding my family. I noticed just yesterday at the grocery store, I was reading ingredient lists on everything I picked up. Instead of just scanning for our known allergens, I was keeping an eye out for preservatives too." - Coffee Bean Kisses


"The book starts out with basic info on reading labels ~ and I’m not talking just calories, fat, and carbs.  I’m talking about the INGREDIENTS. So I started to re-evaluate some things in our cupboards after reading the book and when I looked at my daughter's Life cereal… *gasp*  It had artificial red coloring [red 40]!  I was shocked…I never would have guessed! Unjunk Your Junk Food is a great resource for anyone who wants to eat healthier, more real food.  The book gives a wealth of basic info on the types of foods you should be choosing and ingredients to avoid all together.  In addition there is some helpful tips on how eating certain ingredients can affect your body.  I know I will be paying more attention to the things we buy…especially those we’ve been purchasing for so long and I assumed they were ok." - Eat Run Grow


"I think a great many families are trying to eat healthier and use more natural and organic food products in our diet. But even the savviest of shoppers and the more laborious of label readers may need a little help from time to time determining what foods they should choose for their family from snacks to desserts and many things in between. That’s where a book like “Unjunk Your Junk Food” comes in handy. And, by handy I mean that it is even just the right size to place in your purse or coupon organizer." - Money Saving Parent


"This book really opened my eyes! Not only does it teach you how to look for the bad ingredients in the snacks you eat, it shows you how to read and interpret the ingredients on the labels. They start out teaching you about the nutritional facts panel on the labels of snack foods and how to recognize harmful ingredients." - Elegant Daily


"The authors of this book do a good job in finding healthy and similar tasting alternatives to products like Oreos, Coca Cola, Cheetos… the list is long." - Dashing For Deals


"Like all good revolutions; they even have a manifesto.  Essentially; what you are revolting against are terrible, harmful chemical additives in your food – and how to avoid them."  - The Unprocessed Kitchen


"Especially if you are at your wits' end trying to find healthier food for picky family members, this book is invaluable." - Mother Nature Network


"You’d be surprised by how few items in most pantries escape without at least ONE of the seven in them." - That Bald Chick


"Overall, I loved this book. It will most certainly be a great reference when I have a question about a particular ingredient or when looking for an alternative to a well-known unhealthy product." - Life As Mom Knows It




"I was in the kitchen at 10 p.m. with my book, identifying all the crap we shouldn’t be eating." - Mommy Needs A Drink


"I was amazed at this book. You never think that "healthy" junk food really isn't, well, healthy." - Hanging Off The Wire



"It's a book that everybody should read at least once if not have it at  home for reference." - Masala Bowl





"To put it simply: I have been eating poison, and I have been feeding my children poison. I had no idea how bad the artificial coloring was for us." - November Sunflower


"I love this book because it’s handy and small. You can slip it right into your purse and take it with you to the grocery store so you can find those alternative foods and still indulge in all of your favorite treats without the artificial ingredients." - Fun Saving Money



"This is a must-own book. I’ll be sharing the book with my son and his girlfriend who have the worst diets ever and if they complain about the cost of buying healthier options, I’ll remind them that snacks are not a necessity so if it’s $4.99 a bag for the healthy version vs $.99 for the unhealthy, they can’t complain because what they’re paying for is REAL food and nutrition."  - MiscFindsU


"We can get back on track, we just need to learn the basics to get there. Choosing the correct foods without harmful ingredients and reading our food labels." - Coupon Saving In The South


"If you are looking to start eating healthier, you NEED to pick up this book!" - Gone Klippin' Crazy


"Explanations of ingredients with simple thumbs up or thumbs down graphics makes it easy for readers to learn about harmful products and their healthier alternatives." - Eco Child's Play


"The size of the book is 6 inches by 6 inches and fits right in my purse.  This makes it so easy,  when I'm at the grocery store to pull it out as a quick reference guide!" - Saving U Green


"I am sure it will be entertaining next time I visit the grocery store and take the time to look at the ingredients a little more closely.  My shopping trips may never be the same!" - Mom's Fun Money


"I would really encourage you to take a look at this book, examine what you are currently eating, and reflect on how you could potentially make some healthier choices while still eating the foods you love." - Momma Drama


"If you are looking for a quick and easy way to decipher your food labels, Unjunk Your Junk Food will help!" - Accidental Mommy


"I would really recommend reading this book if you're aching to eat those yummy foods but want to eat healthy at the same time.  It's really been an eye-opener and a great resource!" - Gumdrop Pass
"Unjunk Your Junk Food is, for me, an amazing book to have around. I’ve found it especially useful when I’m craving something sweet to eat but don’t want the guilt (or unhealthy conscience) that comes with it.This book is filled with so much information; tips for reading labels, nutritional information, charts, alternatives and so much more. It’s a pocket GPS for your junk food cravings!" - Blogfully


"Even those of us who cook & bake mostly from scratch can still benefit from a lot of the knowledge in it - especially if you have kids who eat snacks at school or activities and want to make sure they are choosing better options." - Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife


"The authors decipher some of those terms and names you have always wondered about like Pantothenic Acid and Ferrous Fumurate. How about GMOs? When you read the book you will find the answers!" - Glamamamma's Goodies


" We need to realize the chemicals we are consuming and say no. I know my family deserves better." - Mommy's Memorandum


"As I went through my cupboards and pantry I soon realised that about 75% of the food I had been snacking on was really not very healthy for me." - FruGal's Freebies


"We really like this book for both kids and adults. Instead of demanding change, it confers upon the reader a great understanding of the differences between good and bad ingredients, while providing a more-than-satisfactory alternative for each bad food." - The Nibble


"I found this book to be a Superior way to help anyone make really informed decisions regarding snack foods of all kinds." - Lori's Blog


"Unjunk Your Junk Food really helped me learn how to read food labels and differentiate the difference between 'good' ingredients and 'bad' ingredients". - Cherry Blossoms


"Not only does it promote awareness, but it also has companies re-evaluating their products." - America JR


"It’s not just another but on what to eat and what not to eat, it shows you how to read and interpret labels on the foods you eat." - Amy, Couponing And Reviewing In Texas

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