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We are having a grand time in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. It officially feels like summer with the weather being sunny every day. Ahhhh, so nice. It feels like winter went on forever and that spring hardly made an appearance. I am glad that I am able to get some quality Vitamin D.

It took us a total of 12 hours to drive from East Lansing to Chapel Hill, although we almost thought we made really great time when we thought we were arriving in 11 hours. Somehow our GPS was not corrected to daylight savings time so even though it was telling us we were about to arrive in 15 minutes it told us we have 70 miles to go. It was REALLY wacky. How does a GPS not automatically adjust?? Either way, we were bummer we had an extra hour before we arrived and could meet our friends for dinner. BOY was I hungry!

Why are we in North Carolina? Well, Ryan and 2 other grad students were comissioned to compose choral pieces for a friend who is now teaching at a high school in Chapel Hill. They have been spending time coaching and teaching different choirs their compositions. It has been really neat. Their performance is this coming Tuesday so I am really looking forward hearing these great pieces.

What have I been doing? Well I am totally doing much better. The pain is all gone and I am almost finished with my antibiotics. It is incredible to think that I was feeling pretty crummy just this time last week. The car ride was not so bad but I had to lie down a lot because I was feeling a little car sick. It was all good though, thanks to God!

Anyway, I have been...

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By An Opera Singer In The Kitchen| May 22, 2011
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