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Instructions for a home enema, a powerful detoxification toolA poorly functioning colon and slow detoxification of the body may be behind some of your ailments, from aches and pains to disease. Many don't think about cleansing the colon until they are constipated, but regular detoxification of the large gut can help prevent constipation and many other symptoms and future health problems. While there are a number of ways to cleanse the colon, the enema - the process of inserting water into the rectum through a nozzle to 'rinse' out the last segment of the large intestine - is one of the fastest and most effective, and it can be done right in your bathroom!

The best time to enema is after your morning bowel movement so that the water can flow through uninhibited. The night before, you can drink a cup of fennel, peppermint, or senna tea to 'loosen things up.'


  • an enema bag that can hold at least 1500ml (about 1.5 quarts) of fluid. The colon tube or nozzle is connected through a hose to the enema bag. Ideally, the enema bag should have a two-holed nozzle.
  • some olive oil as a lubricant. Do not use petroleum-basd products (such as Vaseline).
  • a plastic jug or bucket
  • pure or distilled water, around 97 degrees farenheit
  • a large towel or bath mat to lie down on

Set up:

Hook the enema bag onto a doorknob (or other) about two to three feet above the floor of your bathroom. If the water is hung to high, the flow will be quite strong and may cause some discomfort. Place the bag where the tube can reach your anus when you're lying flat on the floor.

The bag must be placed at a point where the tube can easily reach your anus when you are laying flat on the floor. Set it up on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub.

Clamp shut the tube near the nozzle on the enema bag. Fill the bag with warm water to the fill line on the bag. You will still have half of the solution left - you can use the remainder to repeat the enema for better results.

Place the jug on the floor. Place the nozzle into the jug.

Open the clamp to allow about half a cup of water to flow into the jug from the bag (this removes all the air from the tube).

Rub a little lubricant onto the nozzle and around your anus.

Place a towel or bathmat where you wish to lay down.

Now you're ready to begin:

Lie on your left side.
Gently insert the nozzle from the enema bag into your anus, about two to three inches.
Open the clamp on the nozzle and let the water flow.
As the water flows in, gently but firmly massage your abdomen to help move things along. Continue to massage your belly throughout the rest of the process.
When about one-third of the water has gone in, turn onto your back.
After another one-third of the water has gone in, turn onto your right side. Once all of the water has been used, keep massaging your belly while slowly turning back onto your left side.

Hold the water in for 10 to 15 minutes (or for as long as you can tolerate it).

Gently remove the nozzle and sit on the toilet to release the water. Expect to have frequent bowel movements for at least the next hour.

Remember to read the instructions on your enema kit carefully before trying the procedure, and just to be safe, check with your health practitioner first.

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