Is corn meal bad for high blood sugar?

By Lisa Tsakos on August 03, 2010

high blood sugar low GI high GI glycemic index hypertension sodium corn mealQ: Hi could you please tell me if corn meal is in the same category as white flour? My husband has high blood sugar and is eating only whole wheat, but we do enjoy cornbread.  - Barbara

A: Cornmeal has a glycemic index score of 69, the same as whole wheat bread. This score is considered to be a little high, meaning that if cornmeal is eaten on its own, it will cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly. Most cornbread recipes include sugar (on average, 2/3 cup), which considerably raises the glycemic score. Your husband can enjoy a small slice of cornbread occasionally, as long as it's part of a meal that is balanced with fiber and protein - half a cup of beans, some avocado and chicken will do the trick.

By Lisa Tsakos| August 03, 2010
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