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By Caroline Dupont


juice fasting juice fast juice feast green juice weight loss detoxFor those new to juice fasting, it is a potentially really lovely time. That is why many of us can do them again and again! Below are some common questions that people have before they start their first juice fast. 

Can I fast while I'm working?

Many people have juice fasted while working before. However, I do suggest that you free up your schedule as much as possible during the juice fast so that you can rest, have time to juice and do some other helpful additions such as Neti Pot, skin brushing, castor oil packs and possibly enemas. So even if you are working, look at your schedule now and block off any non-work time that you can. It will really enhance the experience. A fast is an opportunity to take a break from solid food but also from the 'business' of our lives. This is key to healing.

Can you be satisfied on a juice fast?

People have different experiences of this. The extremes are that some don't feel hungry at all and some feel hungry all the time. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. The first 2 days are generally the most challenging in terms of hunger. During a fast your body will start to break down diseased and unhealthy tissue. In order to get to that process, some hunger is necessary. Know that even though you might feel hunger you are actually receiving more nutrition than usual during a juice fast.

Can I exercise during a juice fast?

Yes, many people continue exercising. I've even had some people do it while training for marathons. That being said, my suggestion is that if at all possible you cut back on the amount of physical activity. During a fast, alot of energy is being turned inwards to heal. While some exercise can help with the detoxification process, high intensity exercise could take away from the energy that could otherwise be used for healing. If you normally run, you might consider jogging or walking. If you normally take high intensity yoga classes, you might want to consider restorative classes the week of the fast. As always, listen and learn from your body.

What kind of produce will I need? Should I use organic?

You will be going through more vegetables and fruit than usual. Organic is good, but not absolutely necessary.

What is the best type of juicer to buy?

There are many juicers out there today and many do a decent job at extracting juice from vegetables and fruit. So, any juicer will do. Once you're hooked you may consider buying a more expensive one. I was recently on kijiji and noticed that there are many second hand juicers for sale... if you go that route, look for Champion, Omega and Green Power. Jack Lalanne is fine too.

If you'd like to jump right into what I consider the best buy, I am suggeting the Omega Upright. It has a small footprint, is quiet, self-feeding, non-heating, and efficient. I will have them available for $370.

What should I expect energy wise during my juice fast?

Again here, that runs the range of what many find pleasantly surprising high energy, to periods of fatigue. This is why it's a good idea to keep your schedule parred back. Also, letting people around you know what you're doing and how they could support you. Asking for help with meals (some juice fasters say they love preparing food while they're fasting.... personally I prefer not to!), or asking grand-parents, spouse or friends to take care of the children for an afternoon or evening.

By Caroline Dupont| October 06, 2011
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