Omega 3's & Fish

By Lisa Tsakos on August 26, 2009

Omega 3's & Fish omega 3 fatty acids fish oil pills vitamins mental health

Q: I'm trying to increase my intake of healthy omega-3's and have been turning to lots of fish lately! I'm wondering what the difference is between regular salmon or tuna and sushi-grade salmon or tuna? Do I really need to use sushi-grade when making sushi and where do I find sushi-grade tuna or salmon? -Diane

A: Most salmon varieties provide about 900 mg of EFAs (mostly DHA) per 5-6 oz. serving (whether it's sushi-grade or not). Tuna has only about half of that. The more important issue is mercury and PCB contamination. Choose fish from cleaner waters and if you can, purchase organic or wild fish rather than farm-raised fish., the Healthy Shopper's sister company, has a number of articles about fish quality and EFA content.


By Lisa Tsakos| August 26, 2009
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