Simple Mint Pea Dip

By My New Roots

Simple Mint Pea Dip

Spring has finally arrived here in Copenhagen and with the trees about to burst with leaves, and grass totally gleaming, I am feelin’ the need for fresh. Does that happen to any of you as soon as the season turns? It is one of the most dramatic things I notice in myself anyway - my bod on the loudspeaker to my brain: EAT GREEN STUFF.
My lettuce intake is through the roof, as I am craving leafy things like nobody’s business. Asparagus is a regular on the menu since it’s really only at its peak for the next few weeks. And peas. Lots and lots of sweet green peas winding up in all the little corners of my plate; tucked in the curl of a baby spinach leaf, a sparkling green pop in a quinoa salad.

I grew up absolutely detesting peas, as they were always served to me completely mushy and nearly gray from over-boiling. Why do people cook them that way?! When I finally got over my serious childhood trauma, I had another go at them, prepared them properly, and fell in love. Green peas are such a delight in their sweet, bright taste, and have a spring-crisp freshness that is welcomed by a winter-weary palette.

Pea Appreciation
I think peas are a pretty underestimated vegetable, considering they are veritable storehouses of essential vitamins and minerals. That’s right. A measly ½-cup serving provides more than 20 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese! True! Peas are a good source of iron, folate, vitamin B1, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and copper. You’ll also be getting a serious dose of soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar.

Peas offer up some heart-healthy vegetarian protein, providing 9 grams per cup. They are not a complete protein however, so make sure to combine them with a whole grain to ensure you are getting the complete essential amino acid profile. Try green peas in a brown rice or quinoa salad, or hey – this Simple Mint Pea Dip on rye toasts! Genius.

Here’s a random, yet important fact for women trying to get pregnant: green peas contain an anti-fertility compound, m-xylohydroquinone, so it may be wise to avoid them.

Simple Mint Pea Dip is totally tasty and bursting spring-time freshness. The pea, mint and lemon is just such a reliable combo (which you may have noticed by now, as I've posted two recipes already with practically the same ingredients...what can I say? I'm consistent). The tahini is optional, but lends a very lovely creaminess to the spread, which otherwise may not be substantial enough for the hummus fans out there. If you like your dips on the lighter side, leave it out.

This dip is also a chinch to make and is beautifully versatile. Serve it simply like I have on toasted rye ...

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By My New Roots| April 20, 2011
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