What Do You Think About Canned Tuna?

By Lisa Tsakos on February 09, 2011


Q: What do you think about canned tuna? The mercury etc. Does that exist in an organic version? 

A: Tuna that was caught in the ocean (“wild tuna”) or raised on a conventional tuna farm will be contaminated with mercury. Tuna raised on an organic tuna farm, however, should be mercury-free and safe to eat. Read the label carefully to ensure that the fish is, in fact, organic and look for the organic certification symbols on the can. For conventionally-raised tuna, the Natural Resources Defense Council provides a chart that recommends how much tuna is safe based on weight. Review the chart at http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/mercury/tuna.asp.

By Lisa Tsakos| February 09, 2011
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