What is Bulgur & Why Should We Eat It?

Bulgur has been a staple of diets throughout India and the Middle East for decades, but only recently has this wheat-based cereal made its way into mainstream North American cuisine. 

The rising popularity of bulgur, which is made from the groats of several different kinds of wheat, is beneficial to your health in many ways. See how bulgur can help you fight the bulge and improve your overall health. 

Pile on the Protein
Bulgur is high in plant-based protein, making it a great protein source for people looking to cut meat out of their diet. Its zinc content also assists with protein synthesis and boots your immune system. Goodbye flu! 

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Get Your Fix of Fiber and Iron
Forget leaving fiber to your morning cereal, two cups of cooked bulgur contains almost half of your recommended daily fiber. In addition, it also acts as a source for iron—a vital component in maintaining healthy red blood cells. 

Cut the Fat
Quinoa, another popular cereal grain, has nearly twice the amount of calories as bulgur. Due to its fiber content, bulgur helps you feel full by eating less. This allows you to easily shed those extra few pesky pounds. 

Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
As a rich source of magnesium (which works with enzymes involved in the production of glucose) bulgur slows down the body’s absorption of sugar and fights the onset of type 2 diabetes. A low score on the glycemic index also doesn’t hurt. 

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Improve Digestive Health
The high fiber content of bulgur positively contributes to your health in many ways, including eliminating toxins from your digestive tract. Incorporating bulgur into your diet will keep you regular and your reduce your risk of diverticular diseases. 

Keep the Blood Pressure in Check 
Research done by the American Heart Association has shown that long-term bulgur eaters had reduced systolic blood pressure and had a decreased chance of developing high blood pressure. 

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Next time you want to curl up with some carbs, consider adding bulgur into a favourite comfort dish. Your health (and taste buds) will thank you.  

By Adrianne Hughes| December 12, 2016
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Adrianne Hughes

Adrianne is a communications professional with a love for all things sports, reality television, and food. Adrianne loves discovering the latest and greatest in food trends and is always looking to add new (and healthy) meals to her repertoire. When she's not in kitchen you can find her in search of a restaurant to satisfy her craving du jour.

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