What’s In Your Make-up Bag?

By pauline caballero on May 15, 2009

What’s in your make-up bag? Naturally Savvy Pauline Caballero Chemicals Organic Skin Care

Many of us have made conscious changes to become “environmentally friendly”. Daily, we come across new recommendations and alternatives. Whether it is a natural cleaning product, or a new local farmer, there is always something to research, review, and test.

After participating in a local Breast Cancer Fundraiser, I came across literature that grabbed my attention. The poster was asking participants if they were aware of what is in the products they use on their face. “Of course I do”, I thought, “I mean it has to be safe, we have governing agencies for this, FDA approval, etc.” Feeling less than 100% confident, I began to pull out all of the products I use and research them online.

In 2004, a comparative study analyzed the different products that are deemed acceptable in United States, EU (Eurpe), Canada, and Japan. [1] EU has banned over 1100 ingredients in cosmetics and the U.S. has banned approximately 10. According to researchers, the highest concern products are:

  • Hair color and bleach

  • Hair relaxer

  • Nail polish

  • Skin lightener

  • Nail treatment

Very few of the ingredients have been confirmed to have long term health concerns but there are seven ingredients consumers should be mindful of. They include:

Mercury - can be found in mascara

Placenta – can be found in moisturizers and toners

Lead Acetate – can be found in dyes and cleansers

Petrochemicals –can be found in nail polish; banned in the EU

Phthalates –can be found in nail polish; banned in the EU

Hydroquinone – can be found in moisturizers

Nanoparticles –can be found in bronzer and eye shadow

Often, we are diligent to avoid harmful chemicals in our food; we may just be doing the same damage by applying our mascara. To learn more about the products you are utilizing, check out the site cosmeticsdatabase.com.


Comparative Study On Cosmetics Legislation. Retrived from: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/cosmetics/doc/j457_-_final_report_-_cosmetics.pdf

By pauline caballero| May 15, 2009
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