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For some, it can be hard to imagine a world without plastic - especially plastic bags. While some people have been going without plastic bags for years - even decades - plastic bags are still tremendously overused. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 380 billion plastic bags are used in the United States every year. Fortunately for our environment society is starting to catch on as more and more individuals are using reusable bags. In fact, politicians in several cities and states are proposing bans or fees on plastic bags. So once we've mastered bringing our own bags to the checkout, what else can we do to reduce our carbon footprint? We can start bringing reusable bags to the produce department of the grocery store - and Credo Bags' Reusable Mesh Produce Bag can help you with your new plastic-free mission.

Like us, Credo Bags' Founder Judy Lazar believes that small changes in an individual's lifestyle can help the environment in big ways.  So, with her 20 years of manufacturing experience and her desire to inspire others to help the planet, she launched a line of stylish and convenient reusable bags made with sustainable materials including the first North American-made reusable produce bag. Credo Bags ensures that all their bags are manufactured in Canada in labor- and environmentally-friendly conditions.

The Reusable Mesh Produce Bags are 100% Cotton or Organic Cotton mesh, are lightweight and come in different sizes. While some reusable produce bags can be stiff and frustrating to fill, the soft texture of the Credo Bags made stuffing them with fresh fruit and veggies a breeze. And, unlike some solid fabric bags we've used, we loved that the cashier at the grocery store was able to quickly and easily identify the food in the bag thanks to the holes in the mesh. So, next time you head out to do your food shopping, help reduce the millions of plastic produce bags used every year by bringing along your Naturally Savvy approved produce bags.

Credo Bags are available at retailers across North America and online. For more information, visit

By none| February 26, 2009
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