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gringosSpicy food has always been a food favorite around the Naturally Savvy office. The spicier the better! Mexican food, hot sauce, BBQ, just sign us up. Mexican night is one of our favorite dinner nights at our house, so when we received Gringo Jack's Salsas and BBQ sauces for a product review, it had the whole crew salivating. Our Naturally Savvy team of testers did not have to be convinced to dig in!

After repeated requests, Gringo Jack’s (a Vermont restaurant of 15 years) gave into public demand and started bottling their homemade sauces. It’s lucky for us that they did, because now spicy food lovers can enjoy them no matter their locale.

This is a company that really takes the phrase ‘all natural’ to heart. Gringo lets you have your salsa, without any of the eyebrow raising ingredients, and eat it too.  With no preservatives, artificial flavor or pesticides these salsas and sauces are truly made from quality ingredients. Gringo Jack’s also is a company that uses sustainably grown tomatoes and local fresh herbs and spices.  Sustainability is always a top priority.

Out of the two salsas we tried, we absolutely loved Gringo’s Vermont Loco Local Salsa. Even the name sounds intriguing. This is a medium salsa that is bursting with local flavors (think garlic, cilantro, green tomatoes and jalapenos). With a quick glance at the ingredient list you know you’re eating something hand crafted, authentic and real. These are ingredients that you can grow in your own backyard.  We devoured the savoury salsa with Gringo Jack’s hand seasoned flour chips. The spicy flour chips were out of this world! What a nice break from tortillas and corn chips.

The third product we tried was the Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce. This is a sauce that every BBQ’er should have on hand. Use it as a marinade or slap it right on your sizzling streak. It’s a medium spiced sauce that is ever so versatile and sure to be a crowd pleaser. I put it in a vegetarian chilli and couldn’t believe the kick I got. I now have the ultimate secret ingredient for any Mexican dish.

This is a great company with a fantastic product. If you’re in the Manchester, Vermont area check out the Gringo Jack's restaurant and try out all of their products. If you’re a little farther from the Vermont area you can find their products at selected Whole Foods and you can order them online.  Keep an eye out for their new products, soups and canned tomatoes. Clearly Gringo Jack's earns the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

Visit their website to learn more, .

By none| November 24, 2010
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