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Diapers, soothers, snacks, bottles, toys and wipes are just a few things you might shove into that ‘go everywhere’ diaper bag. Organization is, sometimes, the last thing on your mind when you’re franticly trying to leave your house with baby in tow. So long as all your diaper bag necessities are at least contained within the bag then all is right in the momma/baby world. While that is certainly true, it can still be frustrating when you have a hungry, crying kid and an impossible–to-find snack.

Founded by two moms, Innobaby was designed for today’s busy parents. They provide products that are both high in quality, cute, and efficient. Crib sheet toppers, seat toppers, sippy cups and a stainless steel kid friendly plates are also on the Innobaby product list.

Innobaby sent us their Stack-n-Seal food storage solution. This is such a great way to tote around kid sized snacks. You can put whatever you want into the four stackable containers. Baby food, yogurt, cereal, veggies, whatever! Each lid snaps on to the other but you can still remove them separately. Innobaby's containers are made for easy handling and easy access. It keeps food fresh while also being BPA free and non toxic. Any food item you need are situated in one spot. And it’s big enough to easily find in your diaper bag of horrors.

Innobaby also specializes in baby bottles. Free from BPA, you can feel safe giving this to your baby. This is a ‘squishy’ bottle that is easy to grip and feels soft on your baby’s hands. Innobaby’s nursing system is unique in the way that it can grow with your child. Replace the old nipple once your baby has left the nursing stage. Nursing nipples to silicone spoon, you will be able to find the right stage for your little one. The Innobaby beginner kit contains one 5 oz bottle with interchangeable Stage 1 Nipple and Type A (small) Spoon with bottle and nipple rings. Innobaby bottles are a great alternative to glass or regular plastic bottles.

You may never have the most organized and perfect diaper bag out there, but at least with Innobaby’s products you know that your diaper bag is filled with safe and convenient baby products. Innobaby receives our Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

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By none| March 08, 2011
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