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When Pamela started her company 22 years ago, most people hadn’t even heard of gluten, but for those who lived gluten-free they understood it well. Sadly, most of the food they could purchase, and there was very little, was dry, crumbly and tasteless. Luckily, Pamela grew up in her family's bakery packing cookies for those with special dietary needs. As a child who loved a good “sugar treat” the “health food” cookies she was packing were not satisfying. These soy and rice based cookies left the consumer wondering if they were supposed to eat the box instead. She asked her family to make good tasting cookies for those living gluten-free, something they would enjoy, but the sentiment at the time was people were just happy to have something. Pamela knew she could provide a tasty alternative for those living a gluten-free lifestyle.

On April 1, 1988, Pamela left the family business to open her own small food company. To this day, Pamela is still the sole product developer of her incredible line of award winning cookies, biscotti, baking mixes and ready-to-eat cakes. She’s adamant that all of the products carry her name satisfy her deep desire for delicious food.

Pamela is one of the pioneers of gluten-free foods, baking delicious cookies with real butter, whole nuts and many unique flavor combinations.

Pamela is a baker, not a food scientist. This means all of her products are made with ingredients that can be found in natural food stores. Pamela’s products are not only delicious, they are made with real food, real ingredients.

Whether you live a gluten-free lifestyle or just love to eat cookies (in moderation of course), Pamela's award winning baking mixes are sure to delight your taste buds.

Try Pamela’s Products:

Traditional Cookies include Pamela’s Chunky Chocolate Chip, Pecan Shortbread, Lemon Shortbread, Ginger with sliced almonds, Butter Shortbread, Peanut Butter, Shortbread Swirl and Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies.

Cookies made with Organic Ingredients: Chocolate Chunk Pecan Shortbread, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk, Espresso Chocolate Chunk, Old Fashioned Raisin Walnut, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Spicy Ginger with Crystallized Ginger

Simplebites Mini Cookies: Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies, Ginger Mini Snapz and Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies

Biscotti: Almond Anise Biscotti, Chocolate Walnut Biscotti and Lemon Almond Biscotti

Baking Mixes: Gluten-Free Bread Mix, Baking & Pancake Mix, Chocolate Brownie Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Classic Vanilla Cake Mix, Cornbread & Muffin Mix, Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix, Vanilla Frosting Mix, Confetti Frosting Mix and Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Ready-to-eat Cakes: New York Cheesecake, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Zesty Lemon Cheesecake, Hazelnut Cheesecake, Agave Sweetened NY Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Coffee Cake

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