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By none on May 19, 2011

Squid Balm's organic skin care line was born out of a need to provide one little girl, Squid, the perfect product for her eczema skin. If having eczema wasn’t bad enough, she also had perpetual itch, hives and allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. This meant any product with shea butter or coco butter wouldn’t help her skin but just make her irritations worse. So the founders of Squid Balm set out to create an organic moisturizer that would help relieve Squid’s hives and itchiness.

The result?

Am organic moisturizer that was free of chemicals, preservatives, nuts, steroids, chemicals and animal by-products (no squids were harmed in the making of this review). Squid Balm is perfect for ultra sensitive skin and normal skin. The creators of Squid Balm didn’t stop at just moisturizers; they’ve gone on to create cleansers, shampoo bars, conditioning bars, bath bombs and handmade soap. Squid Balm’s bars and soaps are all made with the finest of organic ingredients and green packaging.

Organic skin care products we tried:

Gentle Oil Cleansers: The name says it all. With three different formulas for dry, normal and oily skin, you’ll be sure to find one that fits into your regular skin routine. The cleansers left our skin dewy and fresh.

Bath Bombs: Our favorite bomb was the Oatmeal Remedy. Drop it in a steaming hot bath and let the smell and fizz take your mind far, far, away. These bombs are great for kid’s bath time and also for the adults. There is a little clean up afterwards but the bath bombs are well worth it.

Handcrafted Soap: The soaps are made through the process of “cold-pressing” the oils. This method makes for a richer, denser and gentler soap which is chock full of botanical ingredients and natural oils.  We tried Lemon Drop, Fresh Linen and the unscented version. Each soap is unique, looks beautiful and smells great!

Squid Balm: This is an actual moisturizing bar, not a lotion.  Rub the organic body bar on your hands and smooth it all over your body. The moisturizing effect is instant and lasts all day. This is a concentrated moisturizer that works without all the chemicals and extra junk that conventional lotions have. This is essential if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Shampoo and Conditioning Bars: These where a Savvy favorite. The Shampoo bars were very light in lather (common in products with no sulphates) but gave us sparkling, super clean hair.  When used with Squid Balm’s Conditioning Bars our hair came out soft and tangle free. Perfect for traveling, these small bars seem to last forever.  Plus they smell yummy too. Wild blue berry and coconut were our favorite scents.

Free from bee product, nuts, parabens, phosphates, gluten, and corn, we recommend anyone who has delicate skin to try Squid Balm’s products. Plus it's 100% vegan skin care.

Squid Balm is a wonderfully unique company who has everything we love. Eco conscious productions, organic ingredients that you know are safe and natural, and a fun and exceptional product line. We’re in love with Squid Balm so it’s no surprise that Squid Balm earns the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

To see all of the awesome vegan skin care products that Squid Balm offers, visit, www.squidbalm.com.

By none| May 19, 2011
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